Photos by Kirby Neumann-Rea

“IT’S LIKE a trail family. It’s been really cool to see familiar faces,” said hiker Karen Wang of Seattle on her two-day break at PCT. “I wanted to time my hike to be here. It’s kind of like a hiker reunion, a lot of former hikers come here just to hang out.” Wang broke her ankle near Crater Lake in July 2016 and is completing the northern half of PCT this summer. “It’s a privilege for us to be on trail. You never know, at any second you can be off trail. You savor every moment you have out here, because it is a privilege,” she said.

PACIFIC CREST Trail Days draws hundreds to Cascade Locks Marine Park and downtown Cascade Locks Friday through Sunday. Agencies and vendors fill the main lawn of the park as the PCT Association provided activities and information for hikers and those with an interest in the trail. Nicole Bassett of Cascade Locks’ The Renewal Workshop gathers up part of the mountain of sleeping bags the company laundered for no charge as a service to PCT hikers. Supporters and hikers accompany rider Trent Peterson as he heads across the Bridge of the Gods at 10 a.m. Saturday. Peterson is riding the length of the PCT on his “The Wild In Us” journey to raise awareness about the disease Spinocerebellar Ataxia (see for the article, published in the Aug. 19 edition). Jessie Groves, president of the Port of Cascade Locks commission spent time at PCT and said, “In the last couple of years since the movie ‘Wild’ came out, we get a couple of thousand people each summer and they patronize our businesses and camp in the park, and it’s really good for our local businesses. Everybody knows about the PCT,” Groves said. He credited PCT Days event director Jason Waicunas with an incident-free campground weekend, as more than 300 hikers and other visitors used Thunder Island for overnight stays.

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