Age, the sun, cellular changes are typically the first things to get the blame for frown lines and crow’s feet.

But that they don’t deserve all the blame. Those lines on our faces that make us look tired, sad, angry or even old can be blamed on facial muscles.

Frown lines happen when we concentrate or simply frown. The muscles contract, making the brow furrow and fold. Squinting causes the contractions in the muscles around the eyes, leading to crow’s feet.

There are solutions. You could stop frowning, squinting or even concentrating. Or you could turn to a trusted professional for Botox Cosmetic.

Botox Cosmetic has been used in the medical community for over 30 years for a variety of cosmetic and medical conditions, and is extremely safe. In fact, there are over 417 peer-reviewed studies in the medical and scientific literature documenting its safety and efficacy. It is even used on small children for cerebral palsy.

When injected into the muscle with a tiny needle, the treatment relaxes the muscles, which then smooths the lines and wrinkles that are caused by the underlining muscles. Botox can be used to smooth frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, marionette lines, neck bands and neck lines. Botox can even be used to treat excessive perspiration of the underarms.

Botox isn’t permanent. A treatment will reduce and smooth lines for about three to four months. The effect of Botox usually starts three to 10 days after your treatment.

To see if Botox Cosmetic is right for you, call the experts at Columbia Laser Skin Center at 541-298-5066, or visit the website, www.columbialaserskincenter.

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