The Final Score of Biscuitball 2019 at May Street Elementary on May 18 was 110-46, but not all scoring involved putting the yellow ball in the hoop. Local teachers played a team of Morning Ball basketball players in this fundraiser game for scholarships and literacy programs in Hood River.

Watch as players figure out the five-point bonus for every time they dribble the ball atop a biscuit placed on the floor – hence the name of the game.

You’ll see Joel Ives in a “basketball hat,” Matt Rankin with pompoms, and Walter Baumann with baseball glove and Connal Rea with a cantaloupe trying to dribble and pass, and Mark Whitehead losing control of the ball thanks to a jingly stuffed ball. Then honorary referee Sue Mason joins the fun, insisting that Kelly Beard and Ron Merz trade the flotation tube and dress, since Ron was not wearing the dress but draping it like a cape. Beard, the May Street principal, happily dons the former bridesmaid dress, telling Mason, “Oh, thank you, Sue.” From off to the side someone reminds Beard “don’t forget your froo-froo toy,” the stuffed animal he also carried. Referee Larry Madsen presides over the exchange.

Then we see Abby Rankin driving with the ball, Lenny Bunting in shoulderpads knocking it away and Abby, with a football in hand, driving on her Dad, Matt, and on Kelly Beard. Rea can be seen surreptitiously placing the melon inside the backpack, and Kate Getchis exclaiming as her plastic clapper hands break while she attempts to pass the ball. Abby Rankin uses the baseball mitt to catch a long pass from Nagreen and drive on her dad and Beard, to score a one-handed layup.

Shortly before the final buzzer for “Biscuitball,” there’s a scrum as Bunting tries to drive up the score with repeated dribbles on a biscuit, which defenders Baumann, Rea, and Jared Nagreen attempt to stop. Moments later, Whitehead, in overcoat, can be seen also doing a biscuit-dribble. With Rea’s final shot attempt that rimmed out at the buzzer, “Biscuitball” was on the books.

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