Example of a BreezeBy transponder sticker issued by the Port of Hood River. The Port of Cascade Locks will be issuing stickers like these when he Bridge of the Gods starts using BreezeBy in January 2020. Customers can cross either bridge with the same transponder.

Bridge of the Gods to implement ‘BreezeBy’ system starting Jan. 6

The Port of Cascade Locks Board of Commissioners has approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Port of Hood River to incorporate that port’s electronic tolling system for the Bridge of the Gods, making one electronic tolling system functional for both tolled bridges in the Gorge.

The “BreezeBy” system was first implemented for the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate Bridge in 2006, establishing the first electronic tolling system in Oregon. The system utilizes prepaid funds and transponders to facilitate faster commutes through the toll plaza and provide user discounts.

In Cascade Locks, BreezeBy transponders will replace the Port of Cascade Locks “Local Stickers” and coupon books that have traditionally provided local commuters with discounted tolls. Bridge users that have signed up for BreezeBy will pay $1.25 per crossing of the Bridge of the Gods, and $1 at the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate Bridge, versus a $2 cash toll at both bridges. Toll rates depend on vehicle class, with larger class vehicle tolls determined by the number of axles.

The Port of Cascade Locks will discontinue sales of coupon books on Dec. 20, 2019 and will no longer accept them for toll payment on Feb. 3, 2020. Also on Feb. 3, local stickers will no longer be accepted for discounted tolls for cash paying customers.

Current Port of Hood River BreezeBy customers don’t need to do anything to be able to use their transponders on the Bridge of the Gods when the Cascade Locks system goes live Jan. 6: BreezeBy customer account statements will depict which bridge was crossed for each charge to the account balance, according to a joint press release from the Ports of Hood River and Cascade Locks.  

New BreezeBy customers can open an account online and receive their transponders in the mail.

Port of Cascade Locks customers can redeem any unused bridge coupons for credit of their value into a BreezeBy account at either port office during regular business hours. There are no fees to open an account, and each account receives one transponder for free; each additional transponder costs $5.

New BreezeBy customers that primarily use the Bridge of the Gods do not need to wait until the system is live on Jan. 6 to open a new account, and the Port of Cascade Locks encourages customers to beat the rush by opening their account now. New accounts can be created online at portofcascadelocks.org (click BREEZEBY, then click the BreezeBy logo, then click “New Account”). There is no required personal identification to open an account, but each transponder is linked to a specific vehicle, so the make, model, color, year, and license plate number is required.

New customers should expect to receive their new transponders in the mail within 3-4 business days, depending on the volume of orders.

 New customers can open an account at either port office during regular business hours. New accounts cannot be created at the toll booths, however, due to traffic flow and safety concerns, according to a press release.

For more information, contact the Port of Cascade Locks via email to rvollans@portofcascadelocks.org or stop by the Port office at office at 427 Portage Road in Cascade Locks.

Questions can also be directed to the Port of Hood River via email to porthr@gorge.net, or visit the port office at 1000 E. Port Marina Drive in Hood River. 

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