With winter weather approaching, the City of Hood River reminds the public that, if you haven’t already, it’s time to prepare for winter weather. Hood River is in a snow zone and parking and safety codes facilitate safe travel and efficient snow plow operations, said a press release. The City of Hood River also encourages community members to pass information on to neighbors and help those in need when possible.

Staying informed of weather forecasts and moving vehicles off-street or in designated parking areas will help Public Works crew clear streets more safely and efficiently. A snow condition is in effect when three inches or more snow accumulates on streets.

Additionally, a “Snow Emergency” may be declared by the city manager and generally occurs when severe weather conditions cause unsafe conditions, such as excessive snow accumulation, freezing rain or other situations.

Information will be updated regularly on the city’s website, cityofhoodriver.gov, the Hood River City Facebook page, and via local media.

A summary of basic winter protocol within city limits includes:

  • Parking and traffic compliance during winter conditions and emergencies
  • Observe parking regulations for core Downtown and Heights areas: In winter conditions, parking is prohibited on either side of downtown primary streets from 3-6 a.m., or Heights primary streets from midnight-6 a.m.
  • Observe winter conditions vehicular parking regulations on all city streets. Parking is not permitted on north side of a street (unless signs prohibit parking on the south side of the street). Parking is not permitted on east sides of streets (unless signs prohibit parking on the west side of the street).
  • Traction devices are required in winter conditions, and chains are required on large trucks (16,000 lbs. and over) in Hood River city limits.
  • A detailed City of Hood River snow plow route map is available at cityofhoodriver.gov/public-works. City streets are prioritized for snow and ice control operations based on overall traffic circulation, emergency services, terrain, and business and residential needs, said a press release.
  • Downtown primary streets include Oak Street between Front and 7th, Front Street, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th streets between State and Columbia streets. Primary streets in The Heights area include 13th Street between Oak Street and Belmont Avenue, 12th Street between May Street and Belmont Avenue, and Belmont, A, B, and C streets, and Taylor Avenue between 12th and 13th streets.

For details, call the City of Hood River’s Public Works Department at 541-386-2383.

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