Does anyone know how long we’ve gone without precipitation? This hot, dry stretch of weather we’re having is great for haying, but it sure has made everything tinder dry. I used to be able to call Doug Daniels and ask him when we had our last measurable rain. I sure miss him and his weather reporting.

The Bertschi Road fire is pretty much out, just a bit of mop up still going on. Now there’s a fire near Hood River that is challenging fire crews. The fire danger is high and we all just need to be extra cautious when out and about.

With the construction occurring on the Trout Lake highway, coming from town to Draper Springs Road, those living on that stretch have concerns about the way people are driving. The speed limit is 25 mph in town and changes to 35 mph approaching the rodeo grounds, yet some vehicles are flying through at speeds much higher, causing lots of dust. Some have even tried to avoid part of the construction or get around the flaggers and pilot vehicle by cutting through the woods on private property there. I’d like to think these drivers are mostly out-of-towners and not locals, but we can all do our part to consider the residents living along that stretch and keep our speed down.

As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, many of you reading this are experiencing elevated levels of stress or you know of someone else who could use a little help. There is a great helpline that’s totally free to use, created and operated by our state. It’s called “Washington Listens” and you can connect with someone to talk about your stress and concerns at 1-833-681-0211. If you want to learn more about this program you can go to the website at Truly, we are all in a crisis we never expected to experience in our lifetime. This is one resource that can be very helpful during this time.

This is a last chance reminder to please make your donations to the Market Stock Sale for our Mt. Adams Community 4-H market animal members by Aug. 17. Travis and Kelly Miller are coordinating the donations and bidding during the online auction. The disappointment at not being able to show their animals and be rewarded for all the months of work they have put into them could be eased somewhat if our community comes together and supports our 4-H members. Thanks for any help you can give to this very worthwhile cause.

Most of you have probably received the most recent school newsletter so you know that Glenwood School plans to begin in the classrooms on Aug. 26. The newsletter explains some of the measures school administration and staff will take to ensure the safety of all the school children.

The first three days of school will be half days as the students get used to the new routine that includes wearing masks while in school. If you have any questions, please call the school at 509-364-3438.

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