Gorge Owned has announced a Request for Proposals for its Sense of Place 2019-20 lecture series.

The upcoming season marks the 10th anniversary for the series, which seeks to foster a deeper understanding of, and connection to, the landscape of the Columbia River Gorge and to each other, said a press release. Lectures run 45-60 minutes on topics that relate to the cultural, natural or political history of the Columbia River Gorge. Individual speakers and panel discussions will be considered.

Selections will be made by a volunteer committee led by new Sense of Place Host and Curator Sarah Fox, a Hood River resident and producer of Hear in the Gorge, a series of audio documentaries that originated as a complement to the Sense of Place series.

“We are very excited to celebrate our 10th season this year,” said Courtney Christenson, executive director of Gorge Owned, “and to announce that Sarah Fox is taking the reins as our new Sense of Place Host and Curator.”

Sense of Place lectures occur once a month between October and March at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River. The series attracts more than 1,000 people annually, with speakers regularly presenting to sold-out audiences. Over the last nine years, topics have included stories from the Japanese evacuation and internment, a geologic history of the Gorge, the evolution of Gorge breweries, Hanford’s nuclear legacy, architecture of the Gorge, Native American traditions along the Columbia River, and many more.

“From the moment I went to my first Sense of Place lecture, I was hooked,” said Fox. “I believe wholeheartedly in the mission set out by the series’ founder, Amanda Lawrence, and I’m honored to be a part of helping to carry on this tradition of connecting people through place and storytelling.”

For more information or to respond to the Request for Proposals, visit gorgeowned.org/sense-of-place or email sop@gorgeowned.org.

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