The 2019 Kollas Cranmer July 4th Memorial Run saw hundreds of local residents head to the Odell Fire Station and trek their way across more than seven miles to Jackson Park in Hood River. The weather was warm and sunny, with a slight breeze blowing to keep runners cool, and the roads were closed off at certain sections to ensure a smooth path of progress. Such a great race day made for fast times, including a new record in the 60-69 female division by Jeanne Grist. The following results cover first through third of each age group, male and female.

Overall Male: David McKay (41:03), Jesse Wiley (44:34) and Scott Middleton (44:54). Overall Female: Amanda Phillips (44:34), Lottie Broham (49:36) and Claire Packer (51:26). Grades 1-5 Male: Vance Copper (1:01:51), Issac Raynoso (1:06:06) and Ian Thomas (1:08:20). Grades 1-5 Female: Madeline France (58:49) and Georgia Haynie (1:24:56). Grades 6-8 Male: Sam Soto (49:29), John Beckman (54:46) and Nathan Emerson (59:34). Grades 6-8 Female: Calla King (1:05:02), Jenna Emerson (1:08:35) and Kate Pauly (1:11:18). Grades 9-12 Male: Samuel Bacon (47:51), Nate Cooper (48:11) and Joshua Humann (48:29). Grades 9-12 Female: Lottie Bromham (49:36), Chloe Bullock (56:21) and Eva Jones (59:07).

Post High School — Age 29 Male: Jesse Wiley (44:34), Braxton Wilson (46:10) and Travis Running (47:28). Post High School — Age 29 Female: Claire Packer (51:26), Sissel Holloway (52:24) and Taylor Kennedy (54:34). Age 30-39 Male: David McKay (41:03), Blair Smith (47:58) and Brack Hassell (48:13). Age 30-39 Female: Amanda Phillips (44:34), Lauren Kolojejchick-Kolch (54:15) and Michel Wilson (56:38). Age 40-49 Male: Dave Caldwell (49:31), Brett Golden (49:31) and Manlio Vecchiet (50:08). Age 40-49 Female: Erica Swanson Dufour (53:09), Julie Wilson (58:10) and Angela Krause (58:12). Age 50-59 Male: Scott Middleton (44:54), Gary Daubenspeck (45:34) and Gary Johnson (51:00). Age 50-59 Female: Kim Brislawn (58:54), Jennifer Wardell (59:32) and Kathy Sauer-Bishop (1:02:42). Age 60-69 Male: Salvador Lopez (53:39), Howard Cohen (54:26) and Bill Scheer (55:34). Age 60-69 Female: Jeanne Grist (1:02:29), Lisa Pham (1:16:43) and Denise Doney (1:21:31). Age 70+ Male: Raymond Peterson (1:21:17).

McKay and Phillips were the top racers in the male and female divisions and had similar approaches to the race and what it was all about.

“This is a fun one to jump in, a good local race to participate in,” said McKay. “The hill’s always tough and there was a decent crosswind, but great day to run and an amazing course with the mountain ahead of you.”

“I found out about the race the night before, glad they have day-of sign ups,” said Phillips. “It was a good training run, it was wonderful to have the people cheering and the parade at the end. Everybody loves a downhill race, you get to run fast; plus, being part of the community.”

The race provided yet again an example of the supportive, energetic community that is Hood River, bringing together people of all ages and walks of life.

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