Lady Fern opened June 1 in Parkdale, and co-owners and partners Brooke Yokers and Paul Spaulding have big plans for the space.

It’s already home to a variety of local goods; one day, they’d like to have a creator’s space within its walls as well.

“We showcase locally made everything,” said Yokers. “Pottery, woodworking, jewelry, panties, paintings, graphic design, coffee, locally grown flowers, books, clothes and so many more things. For us, it’s about variety and highlighting the unique and many talents of the upper valley.”

Artists displaying work will be on a revolving basis.

The creator’s space is still in its early stages, with a workbench, stools and good lighting, and is open to all.

“The space is not only for involved artists, but for the community to gather around,” she said. “It’s a simple space … a simple and peaceful environment to work in. I hope to use the space for people interested in sharing their skills and for those interested in learning something new.”

Yokers and Spaulding decided to open Lady Fern in Parkdale because that is where they make their home.

“We chose a Parkdale location because Parkdale is the community we live in and love,” she said. “There is nothing like this town.

“The idea for the business came out of a challenge to myself to try something new and contribute something different, positive and simply beautiful to our already rad community,” Yokers said. “… Since living in the Gorge area, I have been inspired daily by the creativity of the humans who live here. It’s a shop that showcases the local talent, beauty and creativity of the humans who live in an undeniably stunning town.”

There is plenty of tourist traffic in Parkdale, she noted, but Lady Fern is also a good place for locals to find items for themselves or friends.

Daughter Mable, 3, is shop assistant and enjoys arranging the space.

The name Lady Fern came after much deliberation, but was chosen in the end simply because Yokers liked how it sounded — somewhat ambiguous, but nice.

“My partner’s grandmother, who I never met, was named Fern, and she raised her family in Parkdale for many years,” she added. “The common lady fern is a variety of fern that I admire, too.”

Having worked at Solera in Parkdale and Double Mountain in Hood River, Yokers had help from Solera owner and head brewer Jason Kahler and Double Mountain brewer Jen House in the collaboration of Lady Fern, a promotional and celebratory beer that sold at each brewery around the time of the business Lady Fern’s opening.

On Double Mountain’s website, the beer is described as such:

“Brewed with lots of love, we crafted this beer with Solera and our mutual friend/employee, Brooke Yokers, who opened Lady Fern shop this June. This blonde blossoms with fresh bread and jasmine, finishing with crispy, dry citrus. The shop showcases and sells art and other goods made mostly in Parkdale …”

“I was overwhelmed by the support of these two local businesses,” Yokers said. “So much thoughtfulness.”

Since opening the shop — and even before — she’s been “overwhelmed” by community interest and support.

“We are grateful to all the family and friends who have helped us along the way,” she said.

Lady Fern is located in downtown Parkdale, 4959 Baseline Drive (next to Solera) and is open Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call 253-486-9366 or email

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