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The annual lighted truck parade happens Dec. 9-11 in the Odell area, Parkdale/Dee and Hood River.

The annual Hood River County Christmas Lighted Truck Parade will take place Dec. 9 in the Odell area, Dec. 10 in Parkdale and Dee, and in Hood River on Dec. 11, all from 6-9 p.m. Static displays will be at the Odell fire hall and Parkdale fire hall on Dec. 9-10, respectively, from 6-6:15 p.m., and on Dec. 11 at Westside Elementary in the parking lot starting at about 6:45 p.m.

For questions regarding the route, contact the chief of that fire department.

Monday: Dec. 9, Odell/Pine Grove

Static display at the Odell Fire Station from 6-6:15 p.m.


Travel north on Odell Highway to Mud Alley. Mud Alley loop to Odell Highway. North on Odell Highway to Summit Drive. West on Summit Drive to Wy’east Drive. North on Summit Drive to Chamberlain Drive. West on Chamberlain Drive, loop back to Summit Drive. East on Summit Drive to Bartlett Loop. South on Bartlett Loop to Wy’east Drive. South on Wy’east Drive to Davis Drive. East on Davis Drive to AGA Road. North on AGA Road to AGA Trailer Park. Loop through trailer park back to AGA Road. North on AGA Road to Odell Highway. North on Odell Highway to Homestead Drive. East on Homestead Drive to Maple Road. South on Maple Road to Cedar Drive. East on Cedar Drive to Tamarack Road. North on Tamarack Road to Jones Road, around Jones Loop, back to Tamarack Road. South on Tamarack Road to Beachwood Drive. West on Beachwood Drive to Willow Road. South on Willow Road to Chevron Drive. East on Chevron Drive to Midway Drive. South on Midway Drive to Gateway Drive. East on Gateway Drive to Lingren Drive. South on Lingren Drive to Chevron Drive. South on Chevron Drive to Odell Highway. East on Odell Highway to Highway 35. Northeast on Highway 35 to Sunday Drive. Southeast on Sunday Drive to Neal Creek Road. South on Neal Creek Road to Thomsen Road.

East on Thomsen Road to Fir Mountain Road. East on Fir Mountain Road to Wells Drive. East on Wells Drive, loop to Pine Grove School. West on Van Horn Drive to Highway 35. South on Highway 35 to Glass Drive. East on Glass Drive to Eastside Road. North on Eastside Road to Highline Drive. North on Highline Drive to Old Columbia River Highway. West on Old Columbia River Highway to China Gorge Restaurant.

Static Display at the China Gorge Restaurant/Carpool Lot for 10-15 minutes.

Tuesday: Dec. 10, Parkdale/Dee

Static display at Parkdale Fire Station from 6-6:15 p.m.


West on Baseline Road to Fifth Street. North on Fifth Street, loop back to Base Line Road. South on Clear Creek Road to Culbertson Road. East on Culbertson Road to Baseline Road. North on Baseline Road to Toll Bridge Road. North on Toll Bridge Road to Highway 35. North on Highway 35 to Miller Road. East on Miller Road, loop to Highway 35. South on Highway 35 to Woodworth Drive. West on Woodworth Drive to Old Parkdale Road. South on Old Parkdale Road to Trout Creek Ridge Road. West on Trout Creek Ridge Road, loop to Dee Highway. North on Dee Highway to Punchbowl Road. West on Punchbowl Road to Green Drive. South on Green Drive to Collins Road. South on Collins Road to Alder Road. North on Alder Road, West on Lost Lake Road to bus turn around. Back to Dee Fire Station.

Static display at Dee Fire Station for 10-15 minutes.

Wednesday: Dec. 11, West Side/Hood River


West on Barrett Drive to Markham Drive. South on Markham Drive to Portland Drive. East on Portland Drive to Tucker Road. North on Tucker Road to Orchard Road. East on Orchard Road, loop to Tucker Road. West on Tucker Road to Barrett Drive. West on Barrett Drive to Methodist Drive. North on Methodist Drive to Belmont Drive. North on Belmont Drive to Westside Elementary School.

Static Display at Westside Elementary School for 15 minutes at approximately 6:45 p.m.

East on Belmont Drive to Avalon Drive. South on Avalon Drive to Adams Loop. South on Adams Loop, loop to St. Charles Place Road. North on St. Charles Place Road to Park Place Loop. West on Park Place Loop, loop to St. Charles Place Road. North on St. Charles Place Road to Belmont Drive. East on Belmont Avenue to Henderson Road. South on Henderson Road to Avalon Drive. East on Avalon Drive, loop to Belmont Avenue.

West on Belmont Avenue to 22nd Street. North on 22nd Street to May Street. West on May Street to 30th Street. North on 30th Street to Eugene Street. East on Eugene Street to Rand Road. South on Rand Road to Montello Avenue. East on Montello Avenue to Prospect Avenue. East on Prospect Avenue to 17th Street. North on 17th Street to Eugene Avenue. West on Eugene Avenue to 25th Street. North on 25th Street to Sherman Avenue. West on Sherman Avenue to Rand Road. North on Rand Road to Wasco Avenue. East on Wasco Avenue to 18th Street. North on 18th Street to Hope Avenue. East on Hope Avenue to Wasco Avenue. East on Wasco Avenue to 13th Street. South on 13th Street to Columbia Avenue. East on Columbia Avenue to Ninth Street. South on Ninth Street to Oak Street. West on Oak Street to 13th Street. South on 13th/12th Street to Brookside Drive. West on Brookside Drive to Down Manor and Brookside Manor. East on Brookside Drive to Eliot Drive. East on Eliot Drive to Eighth Street. North on Eighth Street to Heights Avenue. East on Heights Avenue to rear Hawks Ridge Drive Way, loop to Pacific Avenue. East on Pacific Avenue to Fourth Street. North on Fourth Street to Betty Lou Avenue.

West on Betty Lou Avenue to Fifth Street. South on Fifth Street to Pacific Avenue. West on Pacific Avenue to 12th Street. North on 12th Street to Pine Street. East on Pine Street to Fourth Street. North on Fourth Street to May Street. West on May Street to 12th Street. North on 12th Street to Sherman Avenue. East on Sherman Avenue to Ninth Street. North on Ninth Street to State Street. East on State Street to Front/State Street.

Static display at Front and State Street parking lots for 15 minutes.

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