The Museum At Warm Springs will reopen to the public on Tuesday, July 7. The Museum has been closed since April 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the public closure, the museum’s staff has been routinely and thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the entire building, and the museum has followed strict guidelines for public facilities, which have been regularly updated and closely monitored by the Warm Springs COVID-19 Response team, said a press release.

The museum’s reopening will be celebrated with a new exhibition titled, “The Path of Resilience,” which will be on view from Tuesday, July 7 through Saturday, Sept. 26. Featured will be beaded objects, woven treasures and various items selected from the museum’s permanent collection and archives department. An opening reception will not be held.

“Our Tribes have a long history of survival at Warm Springs, and we are proud to share our culture and continued existence in our homeland despite many challenges and obstacles that have come our way over the years,” said Museum Executive Director Elizabeth A. Woody (Warm Springs). “We invite everyone to visit the museum and view the beautiful objects of our heritage that display so well the enduring resilience of our people throughout time.”

Admittance to the museum’s main exhibition area will be limited to 10 people with no more than five in the gallery at one time.

Visitation to the Museum Gift Shop will be limited to two people unless the visitors are in one car or unit.

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Tribal Council requires all Museum visitors and staff to wear masks while in the museum. A number of other health procedures will be in place at the museum, all designed to keep the public and museum staff safe.

“We are excited to be reopening to the public and look forward to welcoming everyone back to The Museum At Warm Springs,” said Woody.

“Be assured that the staff is doing everything possible to ensure our visitors have a wonderful and safe time while they are at our museum.”

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