Pat Higgins Adelhardt has announced the publication of “Far From the Tree — A Memoir.”

Adelhardt grew up in Odell, located in the central valley of Hood River County on an apple and pear orchard her father and mother, Joe and Kay Higgins, successfully farmed for close to 40 years, said a press release. Adelhardt attended Odell Grade School, Middle School and WyEast High School. Much of her history in the Hood River Valley is chronicled in “Far From the Tree.”

“Far From the Tree” is a tale of intrigue, secrets, memories, fear, love and fortitude that propelled the author along a journey that spans a continent and reveals the childhood ghosts that impacted her self-confidence and decisions as an adult, said a press release. An enthusiastic and positive perspective are instrumental in her quest to slay her demons far from her Oregon roots, said the press release, as she persevered and proved the apple doesn’t always stay near the tree.

In 1975, Adelhardt and her husband purchased 100 acres of rolling farmland in Whiteford, Md., naming it Applewood Farm. Their farm was one of the first in Harford county, Md., to introduce the concept of agri-tourism by inviting the public to enjoy its beautiful country setting during the pumpkin and Christmas seasons each year, said a press release. For years, the farm was known for its herd of live reindeer and then the historic steam train that all comers rode through the Christmas tree plantations. School tours to the farm and family parties along with corn mazes, hayrides, pony rides and petting zoo were attractions that drew visitors from surrounding states to create memories that have lasted a lifetime, said a press release.

“Far From the Tree” is available at in both paperback and e-book.

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