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Hood River County School District Supt. Sara Hahn-Huston and Susan Frost, Providence foundation director, during a school board meeting, where eight AEDs were presented for district use.

Providence Hood River Foundation’s latest project, Basecamp, focuses on caring for your heart. With prevention and wellness at the forefront, the program also includes the goal of providing life-saving AED’s (automatic external defibrillators) to the community through other non-profits. AEDs are units placed in public spaces to be used when a person goes into sudden cardiac arrest. The average cost of a unit is between $1,500-$2,000.

The Hood River County School District was presented with eight new AEDs to place in locations that might be used by the public when school is not in session. Theatres and athletic areas are examples of places the new units will go.

“We are pleased to partner with HRCSD to enhance safety at their facilities and someday maybe save a life,” said Susan Frost, foundation director. “Through our larger Providence network, we leveraged our local Providence Foundation purchase of four units into a total of eight units by asking for additional AEDs from the Providence Heart & Vascular Institute and Providence Sports Medicine programs, which are based in Portland.”

Overall, Providence has a goal to make AEDs more widely available to reduce the danger of sudden cardiac arrest. AEDs are an important part of any cardiac safety plan, which also includes learning CPR and getting age-appropriate heart screenings.

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