‘Sense of Place’ seeks lecturers

Gorge Owned (GO!) “Sense of Place” is an annual lecture series that seeks to foster a deeper understanding of and connection to the landscape and community. Applications for the 2017-2018 series are now being accepted.

The series began as a small gathering in 2010 and has since grown to attract nearly 1,000 people each year. Lectures occur once a month between October and March, and take place at Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River.

GO! is looking for presenters who are experts in a topic or topics and can relate that to the cultural, natural or political history of the Gorge, are good at and enjoy public speaking and who can tailor their presentations to fit within the Sense of Place theme, and are willing to present in Hood River. GO! offers lodging for out of town presenters, gift certificates for dinner in Hood River, event marketing, book sales facilitated by Waucoma Bookstore, a chance to be part of a lecture series at a professional venue that regularly draws crowds of 100-200, and a modest honorarium.

To apply, answer the following questions and return via email to lawrence.amandar@gmail.com. Applications will be accepted until April 30:

• What is your name and title?

• What is your proposed topic and how does it relate to the cultural, ecological or political history of the Gorge or the northwest?

• What is your experience with public speaking?

• What is your connection to the Gorge and this region, personally or professionally?

• What interests you in being a part of the series?

For questions, contact Amanda Lawrence, Sense of Place curator, at 509-490-3466 or amanda@gorgeowned.org. Gorge Owned (GO!) is a member-supported nonprofit helping people invest in a vibrant community, healthy environment, and strong economy in the Columbia Gorge.

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