Sample I did the collaborations and one of the barrel-aged offerings at the Everybody’s Brewing’s third annual Local Love Fest on Aug. 31 at the brewery. The brewers and local businesses paired up for some unusual one-off beers celebrating fermentology among the rich and innovative agricultural and food product econoscape of the Gorge.

The Pear Brandy Strong Ale was as good — and strong — as expected, with a scintilla of the pear brandy from the former Clera Creek Disittillery barrels coming through.

But my five-samples attention stayed on the collaborations, and with my wife, Lorre, we sampled a combined seven of what Everybody’s put together working with Gorge purveyors of locally-sourced adjuncts.

I have to say the Columbia Gorge Honey raw honey IPA worked the best. The aroma and flavor were in balance, but the beer was none-too-sweet

Others we liked had this in common: the adjunct did not overpower. The aroma and essence of the collabortive ingredient came through but only subtly.

The Brown Ale made with Columbia Mushroom chestnut mushrooms came across as a quaffable but earthy representative of the type.

Want Donut maple glaze Imperial Stout was predictably viscuous and potent, but it did not taste or feel like you were eating a maple bar.

(As food-based beer excursions multiply in the craft industry, including the “milk shake” and “pastry” beers, I honestly do not think most drinkers are looking for a re-creation of a donot, or to experience something like sucking on a lavender sachet. It’s a suggestion ... a murmur ... of the adjunct drinkers want, with the malt or hop-forward base beer still holding firm.

The Dickey Farms rosemary and white peach Gose was a fragrant and suitably saline rendition of the ancient beer type, and neither the herb or the fruit said “I’m in charge.” They worked together. Most of the day’s offerings successfully hewed to that beer-archy.

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