WELL SAID (Valentine version): “Grown ups have great power. They can order candy on credit cards over the telephone and have it delivered.” — George Carlin

HE SHOWED THEM: Author Ben “Flaps” Berry, former Army Air Corps pilot in World War II, signed copies of his book, “To the Moon, Mars and Beyond,” on Jan. 12 at Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum.

Visitors young and old were justifiably awed upon meeting this true American hero and achiever. Berry was among the Tuskegee Airmen, the select group of elite African-American flyers who broke through racial barriers serving in the U.S. military of the 1940s.

Asked about enduring racism (a lynch mob once tore through his house looking, unsuccessfully, for his older brother), Berry said society has “come a long way” but when asked how a person can overcome prejudice in any form, he said this:

“Excellence in performance. If you perform everything you do in an excellent way, you can overcome adversity, but it’s always by recognition. Show ‘em what you can do.”

KIND(s) OF BLUE: Miles Davis’s landmark 1959 record comes to mind with “The Blues,” showing this month at Columbia Art Gallery. The exhibit, curated by Mt. Hood artist Rachel Harvey, looks amazing.

It all started Feb. 1 with a rare acoustic performance by local blues musicians Tess and Patrik Barr, but the musical moods (Indigo, Duke?) of the show remain on display throughout February, in works such as oils by Katey Price and glass-on-tile by Leila Prestia.

— Kirby Neumann-Rea


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