WELL DONE: The dining area renovations at Andrew’s Pizza. While we will miss the overhead bicycle, skis, door from the 1990s icon Gorgemobile and other Hood River relics that long adorned the restaurant, the new décor is a welcome eyeful: Enlarged movie stills and poster reprints, mostly in crisp black-and-white, fill the walls. Most of the relics are in storage, some returned to Doug’s next door (including the snowboard mentioned four lines down...) and not necessarily gone for good, owners and Andrew and Melissa McElderry said. And, fittingly, one relic still in place is the encased antique movie projector.

WELL SAID, revisited: Gone from Andrew’s is the signed snowboard with the Sam Smith quote, “When your knees are bucklin’, you’re in the right zone,” from the Feb. 2 edition of The Porch. Perhaps you saw it before it was gone.

SNOW SCENES, Shelter: Hood River Warming Shelter guests building large snowman adorning it with every available stick, ski pole, and shovel … shelter guests building snow sculptures with multi-colored dyes, of television set and the wishful words, “The End Days of Winter” … public works responding on half-hour notice to dig out a snow embankment so a CAT bus could pull up on State Street and safely deliver a wheelchair-bound guest to the shelter … (Shelter season extended a week, see A1.)

SEEN AND HEARD, Snow Edition: Long, broken icicles stuck in rows into a snowdrift, pointed-end up … icicles hanging in symmetrical pattern on the south and east eaves of Shari’s, closed for a month … pickup driver stops at green light at 12th and Pacific, gets out and proceeds to laboriously sweep and shovel off snow, cars ease around him and guy at adjacent service station calls out, “You okay, bro?” Answer: “Yeah” … Pacific Power employee sees woman shoving snow off her car, assist her with his long-handled scraper … “It’s our lunch time,” says a woman as she pulls a snow tube along street with three children aboard, all toddlers and younger on their backs, wailing … father and two sons ski to the grocery, look around for where to put their skis and put them into a shopping cart and wield the slats (carefully) along the aisles … in coffee shop, people comparing strengths of their snow blowers …

— Kirby Neumann-Rea

Seen something unusual or humorous? Tell us about it for The Porch: kneumannrea@hoodrivernews.com.

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