'The Snow Queen' at CCA

‘The Snow Queen,’ an adaptation of classic Russian tales by Sam Reiter and director Sullivan Mackintosh, opens Saturday at Columbia Center for the Arts. See page A9, “On Stage,” for details. Cast and crew are: Frost — Sylvia Perrin, Briseis Howard, Ann Marie Wagar; Snow Queen — Audrey Fuentes; Nadya — Ava Palmer; Luka — Ian Thomas; Kai — Abbie Jewell; Zinovia — Avery Winwood; Crow — Hanna Clute; Witch — Savannah Ezelle; Little Rose — Hannah Olivia Hamilton; Robbers — Susan Houston, Savannah Ezelle, Abbie Jewell; Robber Girl — Josephine Beck; Aiti — Susan Houston; Ensemble — Annika Chapman, Hazel Clark-Goetz, Aneka Diem, Hannah Olivia Hamilton, Mimi Jewell, Vivian Palmer, Remmie Russo, Josephine Beck, Savannah Ezelle, Susan Houston, Briseis Howard, Sylvia Perrin, Ann Marie Wagar; Voice Over — Sam Reiter; Backstage Team: Assistant director — Hanna Clute; musical composition — Maria Kramer, Jesse Harkin; lights — Jesse Harkin, Joe Garoutte; sound — Jesse Harkin, Theo Levine, Sullivan Mackintosh; costumes — Sullivan Mackintosh, Phoebe Wood, Zora Richardson, Audrey Fuentes, Desiree Amyx, Laurel Roof, Gay Mackintosh, Jenny Myers; makeup — Ella Harty; set — Joe Garoutte, Davis Mackintosh, Jacob Camp; run crew — Maria Sandoval.

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