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November 13, 1969

The National Banner, held here by Hood River County veterans, was the focal point when the county observed Veteran’s Day here Tuesday. A fair-sized crowd gathered on a sunny morning to pay tribute to those who have defended the nation. Speaker was John Buether of Grass Valley, a former department commander for the American Legion. The Wy’east High School band, shown in the background, provided the music for a brief ceremony that included firing of salutes from the courthouse grounds.

1919 — 100 years ago
As might have been expected, many complaints are being heard concerning the wretched condition of the road surface on the concrete bridge across Hood River. Following the heavy rains a week ago, owners of trucks and cars were forced to pilot their vehicles through a sea of mud, which hid but did not level off the many bumps which have been causing much grief to the trucks and cars.
1929 — 90 years ago
Fog on the evening of Armistice Day, followed by low temperature during the night, put a treacherous coating of ice on the blacktop on the Columbia River Highway and a number of unwary motorists came to grief during the night and in the early hours of Tuesday morning. One big sedan telescoped itself against a fence east of Hood River Monday night, and the following morning, four cars were wrecked near Shell Mountain, west of Hood River.
1939 — 80 years ago
Plans for an airport for Hood River, once a very live subject in this community, are again being discussed. Years ago, a site near the high school was designated as an airport for this city and county and some work was done to provide safe landing for lighter ships. Later, part of the airport was excavated for gravel and aeroplanes finally ceased to visit this city. Another more ambitious plan provided for the development of the big sandbar north of town as a real airport, but the building of Bonneville Dam and flooding of the sandbar ended this project.
1949 — 70 years ago
Hood River’s city swimming pool came within $348 of “breaking even,” according to a financial report made to the city council on Monday. Breakdown of tickets sold is as follows: Daily tickets, children 7,269, high school 2,568, and adults 1,632; season tickets, children 164, high school 67, adults 26 and family 26.
Two mild cases of polio were reported by residents in the middle valley in recent weeks, both from Odell High School. Both were taken to a Portland hospital for observation.
1959 — 60 years ago
Meeting in a short session Monday evening, the Cascade Locks City Council found most of its business tied up in committee assignments and took only one major action. The council heard that its proposed issue of bonds to finance the town’s new fire station had been turned down by the state on a technicality. A new call for bids will be published this week. The council also heard that its police committee is still working on a curfew ordinance for the city’s youngsters.
Classified notice: Veterans of World War I Barracks 204, meets at 8 p.m. second Friday of each month at IWWA Hall. All eligible veterans welcome.
1969 — 50 years ago
An off-street parking lot in downtown Hood River has been proposed in a detailed chamber of commerce report drafted by Charles F. Beardsley and presented last week. Beardsley’s plan outlines an off-street parking district, with property owners, businessmen and the city sharing the cost of acquiring and developing the half block lot immediately across Cascade Street from the Post Office. The idea is not a new one — it has been discussed on and off for years — but Beardsley’s plan is the first to provide details on how to accomplish the project.
1979 — 40 years ago
Citing what he called “shabby” treatment of World War I and World War II veterans, World War I Vet Department Commander Curtis Miller urged more recent veterans not to be apathetic about the situation. Miller’s admonishment for veterans to be alert to benefits and to protect them was part of a talk he gave as main speaker for Hood River’s Veterans Day observance Monday. Now described as a day to honor all American service veterans, the day featured a salute by the Oregon National Guard, taps and the national anthem by the band and invocation by Pastor R’Dean (sic) Smith of Riverside Church.
1989 — 30 years ago
Police and juvenile officials say a curfew crackdown that started last spring has been effective in keeping some juveniles off the streets and out of trouble. “I think they’re aware that the curfew is stiffer,” said Donita Husky of the county juvenile department. Unsupervised people under age 18 should be off the streets and out of public places between midnight and 4 a.m., according to the state law. She said her department and the police decided to increase pressure on curfew violations last spring in response to teen-related crime.
1999 — 20 years ago
Local officials and businesspeople have taken the next step in helping charter Hood River County’s economic future. The county’s economic development committee met last week to kick off the development of Phase I of the county economic development plan, a process intended to identify industries the county can attract and retain. During this second phase, the committee and consultants will develop a vision and goals statement, analyze data compiled in past studies and look at the county’s strengths and weaknesses.
2009 — 10 years ago
Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District held a meeting last week to discuss its pending plan to create a community trail that will run from Westside Elementary to the skate park. The project has been met so far with considerable support from the public and organizers are currently working to finalize a route that will run north to south for roughly three miles, connecting the West Side to the new neighborhoods along May Street, and then to Cascade Avenue, Wasco Avenue and the skate park. Although the trail is still in the early stages of planning, Parks and Rec hopes to have a final plan and the required easements in place by 2010.
Compiled by Trisha Walker, News staff writer.

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