Yesteryears: Hood River Supply moves into new building in 1967

February 14, 2007 — Mosier students enjoy a recent Family Night at the charter-based school. The Mosier Community School recently made its first public response to the reasons — as yet not fully disclosed — that the Wasco County School District gave for not renewing the school’s charter.

1917 — 100 years ago

The petition to have the east end of the Frankton School District united to the city district was denied by the County Court at a hearing Friday. The county court, together with County School Superintendent Gibson, resolved itself into a school boundary board and heard arguments on both sides of the question. A previous effort along the same line was denied and last week the boundary board took the same action, deciding that the Frankton District should remain intact.

1927 — 90 years ago

About half the apples on the Royal Mail steam packet Nebraska, badly damaged in a collision with an unidentified freighter off Dungeness, south coast of England, were shipped by the Apple Growers Association. The Nebraska left Portland on Jan. 1 with a big cargo of apples under refrigeration. Mr. Dexter, of the Apple Growers Association, states that it is probable that the ship had already unloaded some of the cargo of apples at Glasgow and Liverpool, but there was probably still a large quantity of apples on board, destined for London, Rotterdam and Hamburg. Any loss, of course, is covered by insurance.

1937 — 80 years ago

Because word of the growing hazard from snow burdens on buildings was passed out last week through the News and individuals in various sections of the valley, Hood River escaped costly collapses of buildings last weekend. Across the Columbia, folks were not so fortunate and a number of barns and an apple house went down under the heavy blanket of snow. At Trout Lake, where snow was 60 inches in depth, a large barn, 60 by 100 feet, collapsed, burying 12 tons of hay, 16 cows, 16 calves and two horses. The animals were rescued without serious injury. Other buildings which collapsed were a new barn near the Guler hotel, another on the McCustion ranch and a garage belonging to the Mount Adams Lumber Company.

The State Highway Department has been testing out opinion in the Odell area regarding the route of the state road from Tucker bridge to the Mt. Hood Loop junction east of Odell.

It appears there was a tentative plan to leave the present highway at the Morgen corner and continue straight south to meet the road facing the high school and the continue straight east.

To this plan, however, merchants and other business houses on the present paved road object very strenuously, saying that such a change would bypass Odell entirely and rob them of any benefit of travelers on the state-owned roads. It has been stated that places of business were located on the present stretch of read because it was a main highway and that any change would materially affect their livelihood.

In the meantime, the Highway commission has not made its decision in the matter, people along the present road say they favor paving the other route, but not as a part of the state highway system.

— Hood River News, February 14, 1947

1947 — 70 years ago

With the arrival here of Railroad Express officials Wednesday of this week, it was learned that the national express company is planning to build a new terminal at the location of the present building at the foot of First Street. As a result of a steady increase in business, the present terminal has about fully served its purpose, and plans call for a building with about three times the capacity of the present structure. The new building, to cover but one floor, will be constructed just as soon as materials are available.

1957 — 60 years ago

Action on the proposed salary schedule for Hood River County District teachers was expected to be taken last night by school board and budget committee members. Raises ranging from $250 to $450 and averaging $370 for the hundred teachers employed by the county district were recommended unanimously last week by a 10-member citizens’ salary study committee and with the approval of the county teachers’ salary group. Members of the citizens’ committee termed the proposed salary schedule hike as “the minimum” if the county district is to remain on a comparative basis for attracting new teachers.

1967 — 50 years ago

A fixture at its Cascade Street location since 1944, Hood River Supply opened new doors this week when it started business operations at its 20,000-square foot new building on Tucker Road. Stocking operations were still underway, but all departments in the cooperative were open for business. The building and land represent an investment of $250,000, according to manager Howard Getchell. The steel structure was put up by Northwest Contractors of Spokane. With the new spacious quarters, Hood River Supply had added both new lines of merchandise and additional help. Normal payroll had been between 12 and 13, but has now increased to 16 and 17, Getchell said.

1977 — 40 years ago

Environment-conscious Oregon has come to the fore once again by pronouncing a ban on certain aerosol cans. But as the ban deadline approaches, the confusion is mounting among the Hood River merchants who handle aerosol products. Nobody’s told them exactly what’s banned, and how the new law will be enforced. Aerosol propellants often contain fluorocarbons, and the use of them might be destroying the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere, thus increasing the risk of skin cancer. On March 1, all aerosol cans using fluorocarbons will be banned in Oregon by legislative decree. The ban information has been floating around as misty as the spray itself.

1987 — 30 years ago

A conflict in priorities went unresolved at the Monday night Port of Hood River Commission meeting. A work session will be called to iron out differences as to what building project should receive the next allocation of scarce port funds. The discussion was triggered by word that M2EC had not yet signed a contract for Big 7 space in which it had previously expressed an interest. (The commission was told that M2EC wants a new building constructed on the airport site where it now occupies hangar space — something the commission says it will not permit.) Commissioner Bill Macht wants that signature on the dotted line before the commission goes out for bids on the project. He said the renovation of the Columbia Building and Waucoma Center top floor should receive a higher priority unless there is a firm tenant for Big 7. The port had planned to put the project out for bid on Friday.

1997 — 20 years ago

Workers, shoppers and other patrons will find a changed parking environment downtown under a plan approved by the Hood River City Council Monday. The plan adds metered parking to several streets, increases parking time from two to three hours on others, and ends the practice of “block-hopping” by downtown employees and residents. The plan, created by a city committee last year, is designed to provide a uniform parking policy for use in conjunction with the new urban renewal parking lot under construction on Columbia Avenue.

2007 — 10 years ago

Cascade Locks City Council voted unanimously Monday night to put the construction of a new fire hall out for bid. In a separate but related motion, the council also approved to have the site of the existing fire hall appraised for a potential sale. The project aims to build a $1.2 to $1.4 million facility on land closer to Interstate 84 than its present location in the downtown business core. The current fire hall was built in 1956 of unreinforced concrete block. Besides structural issues, the building faces problems with electrical wiring, inadequate space for equipment and operations, and handicapped accessibility.

— Compiled by Trisha Walker, News staff writer

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