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September 4, 1969

Venerable Forrest Moe, at 75 years, is still more than a match for the d’Anjou pear tree he’s helping harvest here. This tree is 65 years old and is one of a dozen Moe’s father planted as an experiment. Moe has personally delivered fruit to the Apple Growers Association and later Diamond Fruit growers for 54 years. The exception was in 1917 during World War I. He started working the farm in 1915 after graduating from Oregon State (then OAC) and his father turned the place over to him 10 years later. Beside Moe, at left on another ladder, is his son Fred. The tree they are harvesting is still a heavy producer and will yield more than a bin of pears. Photo by Joe Kollas.

1919 — 100 years ago
One of the longest dry spells ever known in Hood River was broken on Saturday afternoon by a thunderstorm, which was accompanied by a light rain shower in this city, but which developed into heavy rain in parts of the valley and surrounding district. Sunday in Hood River was a day of clouds and light showers until evening, when it cleared. Considerable rain fell in the region at the base of Mount Hood, but near in the rainfall was just enough to settle the dust and clean the air.
1929 — 90 years ago
The city schools got into operation Tuesday with every aspect of a successful year. While the grade schools have not yet shown an increase over registrations at this time last year, there is a marked increase of 7 percent at the high school, 232 as against 217 last year. As last year, the girls lead the number of registrations.
Although Labor Day was one of the most perfect days in many years and travel over the Loop and Columbia River highways were exceptionally heavy, there was a remarkable scarcity of accidents in this county. Large numbers of Portlanders spent the day in one or other of the many shady camp spots on the East Fork and long after dark, there was a steady stream of traffic north over Booth Hill.
1939 — 80 years ago
Tomorrow, Ormand Hukari, inventor and manufacturer of the now famous Windmaster Spray Gun, will open his new factory and machine shop, located on the corner of Tucker Road and Jericho Lane, the secondary highway to Dee and Parkdale. The new building will also include a fully equipped machine shop and service station, and the shop and station has been leased by Terry Barnes, himself a skilled mechanic. Hukari will continue the manufacture of the spray guns on a larger scale in the new plant to meet a rapidly growing demand.
1949 — 70 years ago
Hood River city residents — and those who shifted to “fast time” this spring — will move their clocks back an hour to Pacific standard time early next Tuesday morning, in accord with the plan set down by the city council in May. The official time shift hour is 2 a.m. The Hood River time shift will preceded similar changes in Salem, Sweet Home, Albany and Oregon City, where standard time will take effect on the following Sunday, Sept. 11. Portland will set the clock back an hour on Sept. 25.
1959 — 60 years ago
Trying to encourage an increase in sagging attendance, Hood River swimming pool official Gene Peyton dropped all admission prices this week. The new price schedule, said Peyton, is as follows for Sept. 5-8: The pool closes Sept. 9. Children, 15 cents; high school students, 25 cents; adults, 50 cents.
Hood River city school bus routes will remain approximately the same as those prevailing at the close of the last school year, said Superintendent Wayne Foster. He noted children living on Eliot Road should be ready to board the bus about five minutes earlier than last year.
1969 — 50 years ago
A newcomer from Polk County, Fla., has taken over police chief duties in a community which also has a new mayor. Ron Ronnenberg, about 34, who has been in law enforcement some eight years, has brought his wife and six youngsters to Cascade Locks, where Ronnenberg has replaced Glen Detton as police chief. Mayor of Cascade Locks is Art Warren, who was appointed by the council to fill the vacancy left by Marion Bump’s resignation.
1979 — 40 years ago
You get a bunch of old timers standing around the Hood River Airport telling “remember when” stories and pretty soon it’s kind of hard to keep up. Sometimes people don’t agree on what happened when, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fun. Just what year was it that Mel Lingren and Ormand Hukari leased some land from Gene Wright, 1944 or 1945? “Of course, he didn’t know what we were going to do with it,” Lingren says. “He probably thought we were going to raise something. Well, we raised some dust.” Instead of planting fruit trees, they cut them down, and built a good bit of airstrip.
1989 — 30 years ago
For a while, the splashing looked like salmon spawning time in Alaska Monday morning on the Columbia River. It was complete with the host of boats on hands in the midst of the splashing — but they weren’t there to catch fish, just to protect the splashers. The scene was the Roy Webster Columbia River Cross Channel Swim, which took place this year under nearly ideal Labor Day conditions. That’s different from 1988, when it was canceled midway through because of wind and waves.
1999 — 20 years ago
A grand opening for the Wy’east Media and Community Center will be held Sept. 17. Members of the community as well as students and parents are invited to attend the festivities at Wy’east Middle School. A Percy Manser “potluck” will be held in the media center; those who own works by the local artist are invited to bring them to the open house to share with others. The media center has three Manser oil paintings, and a mural by Manser is located elsewhere in the building.
2009 — 10 years ago
The 65 employees at the Columbia Gorge Hotel have polished up their hospitality skills and are ready for Friday’s public reopening. The hotel has been closed since Jan. 30, when operations shut down abruptly.
Classes start Sept. 8 in the Hood River County School District for elementary students, sixth graders, ninth graders and new students. Horizon Christian School also starts on Sept. 8; Mid-Columbia Adventist School started Aug. 26.
Compiled by Trisha Walker, News staff writer

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