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May 17, 1979

It was planned as a realistic surprise, and while the Pine Grove School fire drill wasn’t all like clockwork, the result was just what was intended. Fireman Rick Willis, who made the arrangements, timed it and found the children cleared the school in less than a minute and a half from the time the alarm sounded. This, even though the simulation provided that several exits should be blocked, and all had to leave via a back door. To add to the realistic feeling, smoke bombs were placed in buckets near the main entrance and by a back entrance. The one in front worked like a charm, but the one near the door the children were leaving stubbornly refused to cooperate until the building was just about cleared.

1919 — 100 years ago
George Cooper, of Parkdale, returned home from service overseas last week and was very warmly welcomed at the depot by a large contingent of his friends from the Upper Valley. Cooper was discharged from the service less than 12 hours after he arrived at Camp Lewis, and he says the officials there are breaking all records in giving men their discharge papers after arrival. Speaking of his experiences in the battle zone, he admitted that no money could buy them, but it would take quite a lot of money to persuade him to go through another such campaign unless his country was at stake.
1929 — 90 years ago
The deposit liabilities of the Mosier Valley Bank were taken over Saturday afternoon by the First National Bank of Hood River. The absorption of the Mosier Valley Bank by the Hood River bank followed a vote of the stockholders and directors. The charter for the Mosier Valley Bank was issued June 30, 1909. In 1921, its deposits exceeded $100,000, but at the close of business last Saturday, its deposit liabilities aggregated only $52,883.
1939 — 80 years ago
The city council issued a ban on double parking on Oak Street, effective immediately, and has issued instructions to Traffic Officer Osburn to see that the ruling is obeyed. Only in cases of extreme necessity will double parking in the downtown business section be winked at, says Officer Osburn, and in all other instances, offenders will rate a ticket of the fixless type. Without double parking on Oak Street, traffic congestion is establishing serious hazards and, when cars or trucks are parked double, the risk of accident become most serious, said Osburn.
1949 — 70 years ago
The City of Cascade Locks through council action on Monday of this week voted to remain on Pacific Standard Time, according to Russ Nichols, mayor. Mayor Nichols pointed out that the schools have been operating on daylight saving time since Portland did, as employees at Bonneville Dam are going to work now at an hour earlier. He points out, however, that there are only two weeks of school left.
1959 — 60 years ago
Returning from the hectic 1959 Oregon legislative session last week was State Representative George Annala. Representative Annala piled up a lengthy list of personal achievements in the legislature due to his role on the key Ways and Means committee and as spokesman for the migratory labor committee. The local lawmaker plans a full report of his own work and observations on the recent session when he appears at the Lions Club luncheon May 19, where he will deliver a “full legislative report.”
1969 — 50 years ago
“Trim” and “cut” were the two words heard most frequently last Wednesday when the Hood River School budget committee met to discuss a resounding defeat on the May 5 ballot measure. The school administration and the budget committee went into Wednesday night’s meeting with the same idea — to cut the cost of educational outlays before the next election.
1979 — 40 years ago
Port of Hood River President John Weber plunged a shovel into airport ground Thursday to signal the start of a $400,000 improvement project there. Soon the contractors will move equipment in to start the project that will extend the main runway from 2,400 to 3,040 feet, and to add a full-length taxiway to the north. This will be in addition to a partial-length taxiway on the south side of the landing strip. In addition, the project includes a new apron on the north side of the port’s airport property, which will have tiedowns for 15 aircraft.
1989 — 30 years ago
Kids from May Street, Westside and Pine Grove elementary schools listened to music with a message during Friday’s “Just say No” anti-drug rally in Jackson Park. Professional musician and songwriter Jeff Antonelis-Lapp combines his “no-use” message on drugs with original, upbeat music.  Also speaking were Judge John Jelderks, Superintendent Jim Carnes, Hood River Mayor Ken Jernstedt and Hood River Police Chief Rich Yonkins.
Officials at Hood River Village Resort Friday confirmed what many people in town already had already been talking about for weeks: The village has been sold by its previous owner, Zieben Interests of Houston.
1999 — 20 years ago
Retired Hood River Hospital Administrator Tim Simmons and Relay for Life Coordinator Leslie Cogswell received “Achievements in Health Care” honors at a public award ceremony Thursday at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital’s Courtyard Café. Simmons, who came to the Hood River health facility in 1988, oversaw the building and opening of the much-needed patient services wing in 1990. He also was instrumental in bringing the Ray T. Yasui Dialysis Center to Hood River. Cogswell is in her third year as local organizer and recruiter for the annual American Cancer Society fundraiser.
2009 — 10 years ago
Ice Fountain Water District customers can turn on the tap knowing that they will be pouring a good tasting cup of liquid. The district recently received the Best Tasting Groundwater Award from the Oregon Association of Water Utilities. “We don’t have to treat our water — we meet all federal and state standards — and that is the primary reason that our water has such a good taste,” said Mark Beam, executive director for Ice Fountain. “But I also attribute this award to the board of directors, who make sure that we are continuing upgrading and replacing our infrastructure.”
Compiled by Trisha Walker, News staff writer

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