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January 17, 1990

On the Phone — Joan Muenzer at Hood River Valley High School programs a new computer system that calls parents whose children miss school without an excuse. The new computer is part of the school’s new, tougher attendance policy.

1910 — 110 years ago
The annual meeting of the Hood River Merchants Association, which was held Tuesday evening last week, was characterized by a large attendance and active interest in the welfare of the organization for the ensuing year. The financial report of the secretary shows that the association is in a prosperous condition and that it has proved helpful to Hood River businessmen during the past year. During the evening, E. Brayford addressed the association in relation to price cutting and advocated having the organization take up the matter with manufacturers of staple articles and insist that fix prices be made for all dealers.
1920 — 100 years ago
Following the school meeting in the Parkdale schoolhouse on Saturday, the meeting called by the Men’s Class was held. The chief topic of discussion was the telephone service. It was stated by Frank Wertgen that a committee had been appointed by the grange to work with those selected at this meeting. G.M. Uptegrove, in the chair, said that during the week he had been to Hood River and interviewed the manager of the telephone company and that he found the company is going to give the upper valley an exchange.
1930 — 90 years ago
A new water project was born on Tuesday at the Odell schoolhouse, when the Odell-Rock Springs water district was formed at a meeting of property owners covering the territory from Summit to Lenz Butte and all points north of the river. Nearly 50 water users are already signed up. The district proposes to secure its supply of water from the city Cold Springs main near the old Prather ranch and has already acquired a permit for the same.
1940 — 80 years ago
The first of two lift towers to raise and lower the central span of the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate bridge and keep the Columbia River open to navigation of ocean-going steamships was in position at the north end of the span, and work is now progressing on the lift tow at the southern end of the span. The latter will, if present plans are carried out, be completed by Feb. 1.
1950 — 70 years ago
A big close out sale, details of which are carried elsewhere in this week’s News, is now progressing at the Columbia Home and Auto Supply (Firestone) store, which is soon to retire from business. Bill Fahey, manager of that store for the past three years, states that the store will be vacated by Feb. 1, at which time another business establishment will take over. Owner of the Columbia Home and Auto Supply Store, Hood River Firestone dealer, is J.B. Edington.
1960 — 60 years ago
Cascade Locks councilmen headed swiftly toward their New Year objectives this week in a busy session of the town’s common council Monday at City Hall. Mayor Lloyd Reinholdt had hoped 1960 would see the town make “new strides in improvement of existing city services and community facilities.” Up for consideration came a new curfew ordinance to regulate after hours habits of Cascade Locks youth; a new zoning plan, the first in the town’s history; a new ordinance to regulate location and control of trailer parks; and plans for further improvement to the community water system.
1970 — 50 years ago
An off-street parking plan being pushed by the Chamber of Commerce got a boost here this week when it was revealed costs will run about $20,000 below original estimates. A “firm option” has been taken on a half-block vacant lot on Cascade street across from the post office at a $45,000 price.
1980 — 40 years ago
School doors open for the first time in more than a week here Wednesday, signaling an end to one of the worst January snowstorms in Hood River’s record books. Official records will show a 47-inch measurement on the ground at one time this month. That makes it the fourth deepest accumulation on record. In February 1916, the valley had 54 inches on the ground at the Experiment Station. Then in January of 1943, the measurement was 48.1. Another memorable storm struck in January 1950, but records on file recorded just 31 inches of snow on the ground at that time.
1990 — 30 years ago
Last September, Hood River Valley High School administrators began a new focus on attendance and a tough new attendance policy. The increased use of computers in recording and storing attendance records is leading to a wealth of information. Not only do administrators know how many students were at school on a specific day, they know what the year to date average attendance is by day of the week and period of the day, and they know how many absences were excused, unexcused and pre-excused.
2000 — 20 years ago
Get your change ready. The City of Hood River is embarking on the latest attempt at a workable downtown parking plan, one employing meters on Oak Street and free parking on surrounding streets. The meters will charge 50 cents an hour, and possibly less on side streets, but motorists will be able to insert nickels and dimes for shorter stops.
2010 — 10 years ago
The political battle lines were clearly drawn between protecting Oregon’s business base and preserving the government services at Thursday’s forum on Measures 66 and 67 in Hood River. “The best thing that we can do for businesses is to not over-tax them and not over-regulate them because they are the ones that create jobs,” said Rep. John Huffman, R, The Dalles.
Compiled by Trisha Walker and Emily Fitzgerald, News staff writers

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