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August 19, 2009: The namesake Mount Hood reflects in the tall windows of Mt. Hood Winery in Pine Grove Saturday as owners Libby and Don Bickford and Steve Bickford stand on the south lawn of the newly finished grounds. Saturday was opening day for the winery, which the Bickfords founded in 2002. The two-story “Northwest Lodge” facility includes a large tasting room, meeting room, productions area and kitchen on the 7,500-square-foot ground floor. To the west is an expansive patio surrounded by Pinot Noir and other grape varieties. Photo by Kirby Neumann-Rea.

1919 — 100 years ago
For several days last week, a gasoline famine prevailed in Hood River, owing to the non-arrival of a consignment that had been expected early in the week. The first garage to suspend the sale of gasoline was the Hood River Garage, and one by one other garages had to admit that they were out of all fuel except distillate. A number of local people who had planned to leave on trips, rather than wait until the gasoline arrived, took a chance and filled up on distillate, trusting it would carry them to the next oasis along the road.
1929 — 90 years ago
Sixty-three days of unbroken drought came to an end when, about 1 a.m. Sunday morning, a slight shower, accompanied by distant thunder, swept over the valley. Later in the day, heavy clouds began to pile up in the western skies and is some parts of the valley, a shower of more than 30 minutes’ duration fell. The rain had the effect of cooling off and clearing the air, and Monday broke, with both Hood and Adams standing out clear and brilliant against blue skies. And on Monday morning, there was a “tang” in the air and heavy dew in the orchards that reminded all that the sweltering days of summer, and that our famous Indian summer is not far away.
1939 — 80 years ago
Odell Girl Scouts have acquired a fine camping ground on the Aubrey Davis acreage south of Odell and, during the past week, made full use of the facilities afforded them. The site has been named Silver Snag Camp and is located in a beautiful setting of large trees. Davis spent considerable time and money in developing the camp, which is supplied with a stove and running water. Twenty-two of Odell’s senior and junior Girl Scouts camped on the ground last week.
1949 — 70 years ago
The highlight in General Manager J.E. Klahre’s review of the fruit outlook before members of the Apple Growers Association at the summer meeting, held last Saturday at Pythian Hall, with fair attendance, was his statement that the outlook for the grower appears to him to be dirty gray in color, not black, as is being generally stated in some circles. “In my travels to various sections, I heard many nice things about Apple Growers Association and its square deal methods,” Klahre said.
1959 — 60 years ago
School District 3 will start the 1959 school year with a larger bus fleet following purchase of a used 48-passanger vehicle by the school board this month. The board bought the bus to carry the limited amount of students from the east side of the district, they said. The two buses already operated by the school district were meeting difficulty in their scheduled runs, with the east side service interfering with the more populated areas. The bus, a 1954 Chevrolet model, carries 60,000 miles on its speedometer, was bought from Wheeler, Ore., for $2,850.
1969 — 50 years ago
Fruit from the Willamette Valley and Southern Oregon dominated winning entries in the Oregon State Fair this year. The only winner on the open class list from Hood River was Wells & Sons, which won blue ribbons on their Newtown apple, in the “other variety” class, and for their red Bartlett pears.
Hood River County will receive $723,400.20 in fiscal 1969 from National Forest earnings, the U.S. Forest Service announced this week. The figure represents a new record in receipts distributed to counties and will boost county and school income above amounts anticipated.
1979 — 40 years ago
Repeated searches by the Hood River Sheriff’s Office have turned up no clues regarding two riderless horses discovered earlier this month near Cascade Locks. The mystery began Aug. 8, when a U.S. Forest Service bridge inspector discovered a saddled horse, without a rider, roaming alone along Herman Creek Trail near the Columbia Gorge Work Center in Cascade Locks. The worker tied the horse up and continued to work. Another horse, unsaddled, came by moments later, but another man soon walked up and claimed both animals. Two days later, a Boy Scout troop discovered the horses while hiking along the trail. Sheriff Robert Lynch and his department have attempted to find the owners, but have had no success.
1989 — 30 years ago
The way cleared for construction of a new bicycle path on Belmont from the city limits to Westside Elementary School Monday. It happened when the Hood River County Board of Commissioners accepted the low bid of Rick Zeller to do the job for $67,805. It will amount to widening the paved surface on Belmont, a busy route for both vehicle, bike and pedestrian traffic, by eight feet. That will provide four-foot lanes on each side of the road for bike paths.
1999 — 20 years ago
Protest signs joined the usual assortment of backpacks, boots and water bottles at Eagle Creek Trail Aug. 14, as a handful of activists voiced their displeasure with the new national trailhead program fee. The popular hiking area was among several sites in Oregon targeted in a nationwide protest by opponents of the U.S. Forest Service’s Trail Park system. The Trail Park program charges a $3 daily fee to park at designated national forest and wilderness trailheads. An annual permit is available for $25.
2009 — 10 years ago
Fire officials protecting properties in and around Hood River said there has been little wildfire activity this summer — but the driest time of the year has just begun. “The potential for fire is great because there hasn’t been much rain,” said West Side Fire Marshall Jim Trammell. “It’s not ‘if,’ it’s ‘when’ all of the right factors are in place.” He and Hood River Fire Chief Devon Wells agree that lightning is the typical igniter of wildfires in July, August and September.
Compiled by Trisha Walker, News staff writer

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