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February 11, 1960

Coffee “Break” for the county Heart Fund drive will come next Monday, Feb. 15, when restaurants throughout the valley will donate coffee sale proceeds to the national Heart Fund drive. Practicing up, for publicity purposes, in the Hood River Bowl coffee shop this week, these local men donated early as county Chairman Bruno Hukari, far right, watched with interest.

1910 — 110 years ago
The feature on the session of the city council held Monday evening was the passing of the ordinance providing for the closing of poolrooms and bowling alleys Sunday and at midnight Saturday. The ordinance originally included soft drink establishments, but was amended before its final passage to allow them to remain open. Believing that the lid was being put on too tight, Councilman Brosius moved to strike the clause providing for Sunday closing, but on being put to a vote, the amendment failed to carry.
1920 — 100 years ago
According to the latest figures available, there have been, up to date, 28 cases of genuine Spanish influenza in the county section of Hood River since the epidemic was first noted several weeks ago. The majority of the cases are of a mild type and the alarming symptoms noted in the epidemic a year ago are generally absent. A number of the patients have fully recovered, but several new cases have been reported in the past few days.
1930 — 90 years ago
At a meeting of the board of directors of the Crystal Spring Water Co. last weekend, it was decided to go ahead with the project of bringing the water from this fine spring down from its source south of Parkdale, to serve the Pine Grove, Odell, Willow Flat and other districts. It is expected that the spring will serve more than 500 families eventually.
1940 — 80 years ago
Two Hood River residents, Mrs. Harry T. DeWitt and Minori Yasui, have furnished considerable copy for the Oregonian in the past few days. Mrs. DeWitt inaugurated the discussion on the term and abuse of the term “housewife,” while Yasui was interviewed for a page on the status of American-born, American citizen children of Japanese parents in the United States.
1950 — 70 years ago
The State Highway Commission on Tuesday announced that it has passed in favor of Hood River City Council’s request for a warning light system at the corner of 13th and Oak streets, the junction of the Columbia River Highway and secondary highway traffic. The city requested a warning system here because of the heavy traffic and the danger to school children at this point. The city sought a stop light, but stated that a warning system, similar to the one at the corner of Ninth and Oak, would be better than nothing.
1960 — 60 years ago
Both Hood River High and Wy’east announced this week that each school’s nominee for the annual Bausch and Lomb Science Award was also a top football star. Dennis Crowe, HRHS student body president, has been named that school’s nominee. At Wy’east, Wayne Kanemasu is the winner.
1970 — 50 years ago
Price of the property was still a key consideration this week when county commissioners discussed a proposal for county purchase of the old Parkdale Primary school building. The structure and its site, declared surplus property by the Hood River County school board, is currently in use as a day care center for migrant children.
1980 — 40 years ago
County commissioners voted 3-1 here Monday to honor an appraisal filed by Louis Gehrig against zoning Port of Hood River property in Odell for light industrial use. The Port of Hood River purchased about 30 acres in Odell and was seeking a zone change on 16 acres that would development of a plant for an industrial door manufacturer.
1990 — 30 years ago
A Salem-based investment company withdrew its application before the Hood River County City Planning Commission, ending speculation that the company would build a 70,000-foot shopping center west of Hood River. David Glennie, of Glennie Property Investments, said that his company had withdrawn the request due to site condition problems. The center was to have housed a 30,000 square foot supermarket, a drugstore of 31,472 square feet and 7,800 square feet of retail commercial space on property located near the intersection of Rand Road and Cascade Street west of downtown Hood River.
2000 — 20 years ago
Spring chinook are shaping up for a spectacular run in 2000. Now entering the lower Columbia River, the salmon are expected to begin passing Bonneville Dam next month, and fisheries managers predict the Mid-Columbia could see four times last year’s numbers. Five and six years ago, the run hit its all time low: 21,100 in 1994 and 10,200 in 1995, which echoed four years later in the 1999 return. But the floods of 1996 apparently swept a strong class of 2000 to seas. If predictions come true, there could be a spring chinook sport fishing season on the Deschutes River.
2010 — 10 years ago
While government stimulus dollars — now referred as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — are hard at work across the country, a project in Hood River acts as a prime example of how the funds are not only keeping people on the job, but how they’re contributing to improvements that have long-term and economic and environmental benefits. Hood River’s Farmers Irrigation District started the Indian Creek Corridor Irrigation Improvement Project Dec. 1 thanks in part to about $4 million ARRA funds provided to the district through the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality State Revolving Fund.
Compiled by Trisha Walker and Emily Fitzgerald, News staff writers

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