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Kaylee Jacobs won a Hood River Art Club special award for her painting “Favorite Ride.”

Adult horticulture entry, Jackie Shaw (Sponsor: Rarity Gardens)
Best Show of Horticultural, Norma Curtis (Odell Garden Club)
Artistic Design
Using Fruits and Vegetables, Michelle Kinoshita (Sponsor: Women for Agriculture)
Junior Floral Arrangement, Michelle Kinoshita (Tammy’s Floral)
Adult Floral Arrangement, Margaret Taylor (Columbia River insurance)
Children’s Floral Arrangement, Tristan Gaston (Cut Flowers for You)
Emily Plog Arrangers Award, Margaret Taylor (Emily Plog Memorial Fund)
Adult Floral Design, Judy Wols (Odell Garden Club)
Fruits and Vegetables
Unusual Fruit or Vegetable, Owen Gressett (Sponsor: Women for Agriculture)
Creative Use of Zucchini - 1st Place, Tyson Harjo (Columbia Gorge Fruit)
Food Preservation
Best Jar of Pears, Heather Kinoshita (Sponsor: Columbia Gorge Fruit)
Best Frozen Jam, Vivienne Lee (RBBG, Inc.)
Best Dried Fruit, Kathy Mitchell (Dennis Zimmerman)
Baked Goods
Fruit Filled Pastry, Pam Allen Dean (Sponsor: Packer Orchards)
Best Picnic Dessert, Pam Allen Dean (Packer Orchards)
Best Bar Cookie - 1st Place, Bonnie Withers (Packer Orchards)
Best Bar Cookie - 2nd Place, Nancy Lunt (Packer Orchards)
Men’s Chocolate Cake - 1st Place, John Fine (Columbia River Insurance)
Men’s Chocolate Cake - 2nd Place, Gary Rees (Columbia River Insurance)
Best Pear Desert, Nancy Lunt (Columbia Gorge Fruit)
Youth Baked Goods
Cookie Container MS - 1st Place, Sarah Mason (Sponsor: Packer Orchards)
Cookie Container MS - 2nd Place, Hannah Rice (Packer Orchards)
Cookie Container B/CH - 1st Place, Gillian Reed (Packer Orchards)
Best Cake, Ryan Betts (Columbia Gorge Fruit)
Best Cookie, Lillie Jacobs (Packer Orchards)
Best Cupcakes, Julie Harjo (Columbia Gorge Fruit)
Best Muffin, Lillie Jacobs (Columbia Gorge Fruit)
Best Candy, Lillie Jacobs (Columbia Gorge Fruit)
Best Costume, Ruth Kosmalski (Sponsor: Dennis Zimmerman)
Best Ladies Wear, Ruth Kosmalski (Dennis Zimmerman)
Best Outdoor, Ruth Kosmalski (Dennis Zimmerman)
Best Hand Quilted Quilt, Smitty Price (Sponsor: Elaine Kirby)
Best Machine Quilted Quilt, Linda Guertin (Rosaurers)
Best Contemporary Quilt, Anne Marie Martin (Irene & Bob Anderson)
Best Quilted Article by Adult, Anne Marie Martin (Rosauers)
Pieced Item by Child, Shelby See (Irene & Bob Anderson)
Pieced Item by Adult, Anne Marie Martin (Rosauers)
Best Handwoven Article, Anne Kramer (Columbia Fibers Guild)
Best Quilted Hanging, Anne Marie Martin (Rosauers)
Crocheted or Knitted Afghan, Kim Vogel (Rosaurers)
Knitted Sweater, Elaine Kirby (Rosauers)
Cross Stitch Home Accessory, Sofia De Leon (Rosauers)
Garment Accessory, Judith Morgan (Rosauers)
Knitted Accessory, Anne Kramer (Rosauers)
Underglaze Freehand Painting, Tatum Wyatt (Sponsor: Freehand Painting)
Hobbies & Handcrafts
Best Wood Craft, Robert Parrot (Sponsor: RBBG, Inc.)
Best Handmade Item, Evelyn Betts (Women for Agriculture)
Best School Project, Ryan Betts (RBBG, Inc.)
Best Recycled Theme, Lillie Jacobs (RBBG, Inc.)
Best All-Around Jewelry, Hailey Harjo (Dennis Zimmerman)
Best Scrapbook Page, Lillie Jacobs (Dennis Zimmerman)
Favorite Ride, Kaylee Jacobs (Sponsor: Hood River Art Club)
Game of Sport, Forrest Diem (Hood River Art Club)
Favorite Country Things, Lyra Nesbitt (Hood River Art Club)
Best Heritage Orchards, Christine Kinoshita (Packer Orchards)
Best Editorial Cartoon, Kaylee Jacobs (Hood River News)
Best Bug (Insect), Tyson Harjo (Dennis Zimmerman)
Best Orchard Scene, Pamela Allen Dean (Sponsor: Packer Orchards)
A Community Event - Photo, Nancy Asai (Hood River News)
Best Portrait, Kristen Pierce (Dennis Zimmerman)
Best Animal Photo, Jacelyn Marquez (Women for Agriculture)
Best Farm Picture, Sonia Marquez (Women for Agriculture)
Adult Baking
Winners of 10 Speed Bag of Coffee
Pam Allen Dean
Bonnie Withers
Nancy Lunt
John Fine
Mary Reed

County Fair Results, Open Class
Children and adult
Tristan Gaston, 9 blue, 4 red, 1 white
Michelle Kinoshita, 2 blue
Christine Kinoshita, 1 blue, 1 red
Kerri Smith, 1 blue, 1 red
Judith Wols, 3 blue, 1 red, 4 white
Hailey Betts, 4 blue, 1 red
Margaret Taylor, 6 blue, 1 red, 1 white
Pam Lago, 4 blue
Jackie Shaw, 43 blue, 17 red, 9 white
Diana Carroll, 11 blue, 20 red, 10 white
Joann Gage, 6 blue, 5 red, 1 white
Leanne Hogie, 4 blue, 5 red, 3 white
Sydney Campbell, 1 red
Cathy Connor, 1 blue
Ronald Greenwood, 2 blue, 5 red, 1 white
Tina Weekly, 1 red, 1 white
Sue Richardson, 4 blue, 2 white
Robert Cheney, 7 blue, 2 red, 1 white
Jayden Szeremi, 5 blue, 1 red
Myrna Holmes, 3 blue, 1 red, 3 white
Pam Regentin, 7 blue, 5 red, 1 white
Norma Curtis, 12 blue, 10 red, 6 white
Shaylee Chavey, 3 blue, 3 red, 2 white
Ian Szereni, 3 blue, 2 red, 3 white
Hailey Harjo, 1 white
Jean Hadley, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 white
Diana Zeller, 1 blue
Mary Graves, 1 blue
Kyah Ferrel, 2 blue, 2 red
Janis Gaylord, 8 blue, 6 red, 6 white
(Continued from Aug. 3)
Tyson Harjo, 3 Blue
Hannah Rice, 1 Red
Owen Waits, 1 Blue, 6 Red
Lyra Nesbitt, 1 Blue
Evelyn Betts, 4 Blue, 1 Red
Shelby See, 1 Blue
Gillian Reed, 3 Blue, 2 Red, 2 White
Anneka Diem, 9 Blue, 5 Red, 1 White
Wiktoria Yechanouska,, 1 Blue, 1 Red
Tatum Wyatt, 1 Blue
Shaylee Chavez, 1 Blue, 1 White
Middle School
Kailee Spiedel, 2 Blue Ribbons
Alexandra Bronson, 3 Blue, 1 Red
Christine Kinoshita, 3 Blue, 2 Red
Hayden Fish, 2 Blue
High School
Kaylee Jacobs, 10 Blue, 2 Red
Grace Ryhlick, 1 Blue, 1 Red
Hailey Betts, 1 Blue
Michelle Kinoshito, 1 Red
Peter Kinoshita, 2 Blue, 1 Red
Brooklyn William, 3 Blue, 1 White
Bonnie Coleman, 3 Blue, 4 Red
Rueben Betts, 1 Red
Shirlyn Betts,  Blue, 1 Red, 1 White
Randall Lee, 1 Blue
Bonnie Garven, 1 Blue
Alan Winans, 1 Blue

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