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Gallery manager Carolyn Murphy, left, and Hood River artist Dawn Elle admire the hammock made by White Salmon artist Kristine Pollard, part of the Functional Art exhibit at Columbia Center for the Art. The hammock is made from 2,500 feet of cotton and linen rope. Pollard does landscapes and murals in macramé, and her works are on view at M.E. Jewelry Co. and Atelier, 216 E. Jewett, White Salmon.

What occupies the space between fine art and the day-to-day? Functional art!

Columbia Center for the Arts presents its June exhibition, Functional Art, featuring the many ways artists create works that also serve functional purposes, said a press release.

This art genre encompasses everything from furniture and creations that can perform a utilitarian task to wearable pieces. Artists present works that function as objects for use while also functioning as works of fine art and craft.

Artists who will be showing in the Functional Art show include Heather Tomlinson, Merrilee Cooper, Irene W. Lawson, Ellen Black Wylde, MacRae Wylde, Mike Ruff, Rod Stuart, Martha Denham, Debora Lorang, Polly Wood, Kristine Pollard, Dave Swan, Tom Bottman, Les Lively, Steve Skonieczny, Will Richards, James Diem, Mike McLaughlin, Dyana Fiediga, Dawn Elle, Alan Root and Rhonda Harris.

In the lobby is an exhibition of Dave Gonzo’s work.

All of the 2019 gallery exhibits are sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery and Windermere Realty.

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