Sunday is the day for “old time hillbilly swing with a jazz attitude and a little Hawaiian flavor,” in a barn.

The next Sunday Burn At The Barn show and live recording featuring The Hapa Hillbillies, will be Sunday, May 19 from 3-5 p.m. at Burnt Barn Recording, 2175 Hood River Road, Mosier. Children and dogs are welcome.

The event will be a live recording and the community is invited.

Admission Sunday is a free-will offering at the door, and tip jars and money baskets will be strategically placed at the venue. All offerings and tips go to the musicians.

The Hapa Hillbillies were formed to explore music in the tradition of “hapa haole” songs, said a press release. “Hapa Haole” comes from Hawaiian slang for half (“hapa”) and the slightly derogatory term “haole,” describing people who are not from the islands and the musical stew cooked up when traditional Hawaiian bands, touring the mainland around 1915, met American jazz musicians, according to band leader Ben Bonham of Hood River.

“The blend is a beguiling mix of English and Hawaiian words, traditional vocal harmonies, Hawaiian instruments but played with jazz stylings. Hot and sweet!” Bonham said.

He added that the Hapa Hillbillies take the sound farther by spicing it up with a little country and add an old time hillbilly flourish.

According to a press release, he band features Bonham, Dennis Williams, Ronnie Ontiveros, Larry Wyatt, Kerry Williams and Tim Ortlieb, and if it looks like they are having fun, that’s because they are.

Their  CD of vintage Hawaiian swing, country and hot jazz, “I’ve Never Been to Hawaii,” is now available.

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