‘Trump’s Right’

Donald Trump is finally right about something. The U.S. is facing a national security crisis. Fortunately, little is generated from sources outside our borders. All Trump has to do to see where the real threat is coming from is for him to look in a mirror. His hate and disrespect for all of our intelligence agencies and their conclusions is unfathomable. When he disagrees and dismisses their conclusions, he is putting us all at risk. Trump has repeatedly said he is his best adviser. If so, he has the least intelligent adviser possible. His reckless unilateral decisions are destroying what our founding fathers built for us and what this country stands for.
Gary Fields
Hood River
Keep extension program
This letter is to give a personal view of why we should all support and urge the commissioners and the public to support the funding of the Hood River County Extension. Without this support, we will lose the valuable service to our county that the extension provides. These important services range from Master Gardeners, Food Safety, SNAP education, 4-H, Strong Women, Small Farms, etc. These services have been provided to Hood River County for 80 years. Many, many people have benefited from Extension over the years.

I am a Master Gardener and have been associated since 2004, when I came to Hood River. Our purpose is to be able, through training to assist the Extension Agent in answering the many questions the public has for the home horticulturist. We train, we organize, and we are the public face you often see at many events such as Saturday Market and the County Fair. We also maintain and have gardens in public spaces such as the Hood River Library Waterwise Garden and the Learning Garden and Japanese Heritage Gardens at the Extension.
Education of gardening and gardening practices is our primary goal in Master Gardening. When you ask us a gardening question, our intent is not to give an immediate answer, but to take your information, research the question and provide you with the best and latest information we can provide. We will answer you with an e-mail or letter or phone call. Our intent is to inform you on a broad range of subjects from soil improvement to option of controlling pests or plant diseases. We do this literally hundreds of times a year.
Community is a key word. In both instances, the extension brings people together and benefits the public. Small groups help larger groups and as a result many people are served in our community.
Please join me, my family and many friends to urge funding of our Hood River Extension. Please join me in voting for the tax levies that will help fund Extension.
John Stevens
Hood River
Value of a life
The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has determined that $80 is the daily cost of keeping immigrants confined indefinitely in the Northern Oregon Correctional facility (NORCOR), while the courts determine his or her immigration status. Under this current Republican administration, that life apparently has no other value.
The loss of productivity, the caging and abuse of immigrant children, the interruption of education, the harm to family life, the loss to community, neighbors and friends, the stress and torment of indefinite detention: All those real human issues do not figure on the Trump Administration balance sheet.
As if that weren’t enough, the taxpayers of Hood River County are complicit in this infamy. We are paying the unreimbursed costs of destroying human lives here in our own community.
We backfill the expenses of caging humans who have committed no other crime than migrating to the United States to escape drug wars, poverty, threats to life, and lack of education and work opportunities.
Whatever you may believe about immigration, we should not be paying for the destruction of human lives while the needs of the Hood River community go unmet and the county budget faces deficit. This is travesty on top of infamy. We must demand that Hood River County taxes no longer be used for the detention of immigrants at NORCOR.
Mark Reynolds
Hood River
‘Yes’ to county measures
I have lived in Hood River county since 1950, my whole adult life. Before the interstate, before windsurfing, breweries and wineries. I have seen lots of changes, mostly for the better. Our community was always strong because we were lucky to have shared revenue from federal forests. The federal government also shared other tax revenue with the states and counties. These big sources of revenue are now greatly diminished. Property tax limiting measures passed in the 1990s have also contributed to the problem.
Many counties in Oregon are now at the breaking point. Millions of dollars which the county could have received are no longer available. It is easy for some to say no more taxes. For me it is easy to say I want our roads maintained, we depend on community health programs and 24 hour law enforcement is essential. Without all of these things the county of Hood River, is not the county we have enjoyed and benefited from for all these years. If we want to keep Hood River county safe and healthy, we need to be willing to support it.
I would be willing to pay an extra $20 dollars a month, for the operating levy, to make sure our county services continue to be available for us all. I am also willing to pay additional cents on my $15 dinner when I eat out, to help keep our county financially healthy into the future. I haven’t had a child in school for decades, but I still happily support the schools because I know that we all depend on them to educate the future citizens of Hood River. Similarly, we must support the county so our future is as successful as the last 80 years have been. Please join me and support a safe and healthy Hood River.
Gloria Arnold
Hood River
No to HB 2020
The Oregon State Legislature’s Joint Legislative Committee on Carbon Reduction has been traveling around the state listening to community members about their opinions on House Bill 2020, the new “Cap and Trade” bill. The goal of this bill is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state and save the earth from certain destruction.
But there is a problem with it. The bill is so radical that Gov. Brown had to travel to Baker County and reassure the public that she doesn’t support this version of the policy. The real reason she traveled to Baker County was the public hearing the Joint Committee held there had only one supporter for the bill out of 300 people present.
Manufacturing, agriculture, fossil fuel related companies, and basically anyone who uses fossil fuels will feel the impact. The list of those opposing the Cap and Trade bill are full of evil capitalist organizations. The following is just a sample of those opposed to this: The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association; Oregon Hop Growers Association; Oregon Association of Nurseries; Oregon Family Farm Association; Oregon Trucking Association Inc.; Wauna Paper Mill.
This bill will not only impact these organizations and their businesses, it will impact everyone in Oregon. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality estimated that the cost of fuel will increase .15 cent a gallon. If you use natural gas, you will see a large increase also. The increase in transporting food, housing materials, conducting harvest production, and home heating costs will make Hood River County even less affordable than it is now.
What will be the results on our local tourism industry with the increase to fuel and food prices?
House Bill 2020 is going to be implemented without a vote from the citizens of this great state. Please let Rep. Anna Williams know that she needs to take a stand with her community against this poorly conceived House Bill, instead of taking orders from the Portland Democrats.
Kenneth Ebi
Hood River

In support of Ocasio-Cortez
I’m an 11th generation American. Thank you for your courage, honesty and integrity during these troubling times in our country.
I recently wrote to Rep. Ilan Omar and felt I should write you as well.

In her letter, a comparison to my fifth grandfather, who faced down the British in 1776, was made. The comparison applies to you as well. My ninth grandmother, Ann Hutchinson, died in 1643 along with some of her children, at Split Rock, the Bronx. Hutchinson River Parkway is part of her memorial.
She immigrated from England, where she was educated by her father, a controversial Puritan minister, to Boston. Both were a follower of John Cotton, prominent minister and her mentor as well.
She had 15 children and worked as a midwife. The Puritan religious norm was hard work and listening to your minister’s interpretation of the gospels. She believed you can have a personal relationship to God. She started a home religious study in her home; as many as 80 would attend. She was accused of giving birth to demons as her popularity grew. John Winthrop, both Puritan minister and governor (a genesis for our current constitutional thought of separation of religion and state), would show visible anger in discussions he lost to her. He would later work with John Harvard and others to create a college to teach his vision of Puritanism.
Ann was put on trial for her heretical thoughts and her mentor, John Cotton,
sided with the court.
She was banished and fled to Rhode Island, where religious freedom was the norm and was the force behind the creation of our bill of rights. Winthrop pursed her with his army and threatened to invade. In fear, she fled to New York and her death.
If you degenerate her as a woman, then you invalidate her religious beliefs. Ad hominem seems to still to be alive and possibly working again. Same actors, different issues. Results TBD.
Please keep-up the good fight. The country is better for it. Godspeed. Count me a supporter.
George Selleck
Hood River
‘Very Christian’
As a man of God, I find it extremely disheartening that a Christian pastor would ever use the phrase “Save its soul” (Letters to the Editor, March 9) in the same conversation with President Trump. The president has never denied the fact he had multiple extramarital affairs, or ever publicly expressed remorse. Adultery violates one of God’s primary commandments, according to Pastor Harrington’s Bible. Grabbing women by their genitals hardly seems soulful to me.

I believe the Bible also teaches tolerance, charity and loving our neighbors. The president consistently and publicly denigrates and belittles anyone who disagrees with his point of view like a scorned middle schooler.
As someone who provides compassionate care to those who are ill and injured, I believe our president represents the antithesis of the word “soul.” Perhaps I need to re-read the Good Book because it appears I got it all wrong. I will make sure to find a more Christian version than the one cited by our local clergyman.
Steve Kaplan
Hood River
‘Houses trump parks’
The City of Hood River was directed by the court to “adopt a sustainable interpretation of Goal 8, Policy 1, and apply that policy, as interpreted, to the application before it.” Crowley v. City of Hood River (Or. LUBA, Jan. 24, 2019). The application is the rezone of Morrison Park from Open Space to R3.
Goal 8: “Recreational Needs — To satisfy the recreational needs of the citizens of the community and visitors to the area.”
Policy 1: “Existing park sites will be protected from incompatible uses and future expansion alternatives at some sites will be developed.”
After a public hearing on the interpretation and application of Goal 8, Policy 1, the mayor and three of the five city council members present allowed the rezone from Open Space to R3 based on the interpretation that housing is not an incompatible use of a park, thus opening the door to any open space/park being subject to rezone for any density residential housing. There is no caveat in the interpretation that it is public housing or affordable housing or low income housing; R3 is just high density housing. Thus, if this interpretation withstands appeal, all of the open space in the city, be it owned by the city, the port or other entity is now available to be rezoned to residential. There will be no stopping any of these entities maximizing the market value of open space to sell it to a developer for private, unaffordable vacation homes.
If you think the Marina Green (aka DMV Field), Jackson Park, Children’s Park, Collins Baseball Field, Georgiana Smith Park, Wells Island, Tsuruta Park, Hazelview Park, Waterfront Park, etc., are protected because the current city leaders indicated that they do not think a rezone is appropriate for some of those parks, you are short sighted as the positions of mayor and council members are short term and can be replaced with all pro-development members.
Future members with an eye on cutting down all the trees and developing all the land were just handed a gift by a well-intended but short sighted majority of city leaders. We all know where good intentions can lead us.
Carolyn Smale
Hood River
‘Moral blackmail’
There are certainly things to criticize about Donald Trump. He is blusteringly blunt and severely sarcastic, but calling him a racist is preposterous, and his antagonists know better. Do you know what infuriates the “never-Trumpers” the most? It’s the president’s flat refusal to participate in today’s politically correct charade that claims racism must be the everlasting, ongoing, non-stop and unforgiveable sin of white Americans.
Trump is having none of that. Like most of us, he wants this country to be absolutely colorblind. So don’t look for him to fall for the left’s attempt at moral blackmail.

Bill Davis
Hood River

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