Local law enforcement is warning that there is a potential group of people coming to town with the threat of rioting and looting, expected to arrive in Hood River about this time (9 p.m., June 1) They have specifically targeted Walmart, according to the Hood River Chamber of Commerce, and the store made the decision to close at 4 p.m.
A statement made by the Hood River Police Department earlier this evening: "Local law enforcement is aware of the potential threat of rioting in Hood River this evening. We are taking these threats seriously and want to maintain the safety and security of the Citizens of our Community. There is also a peaceful protest currently taking place and we encourage you to keep making your voice heard in a safe manner. We strongly discourage any business owners putting themselves in harms way if the situation turns violent. Due to the number of calls our dispatch center is receiving we ask that you call for a true emergency only. Thank you all for your support."
The vigil that took place earlier this evening in downtown Hood River was nonviolent and ended at approximately 6:30 p.m.
The Hood River County Sheriff's Department has stated that they will be supporting the Hood River Police Department this evening.
The Hood River News will publish more information as it becomes available.

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@smolderinsmithy, I don’t disagree that we should de-legitimize empty social media threats meant to manipulate and coerce an emotional (and possibly violent) response. But who are “they” that you refer to? Who created the original content claiming that organized rioters and looters were coming to HR Walmart at 9:00pm? How do we know who the person/organization is behind this?

common sense

Well, let's do an experiment. Let's send busloads of people to the home of George Soros to wake him up tonight and see if the organized, funded domestic terrorism stops tomorrow. I think it's worth a try.


A form of terror. They make everyone fear they're coming, impacting their victims in multiple ways (psychologically, financially, etc.) simply by threatening and nothing else. The goal of our response should be to be to minimize the effectiveness of such tactics.

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