An ‘unexpected’ art exhibition

Rosie Augusta Grandt Freeman

Sept. 2-9, the art of Rosie Augusta Grandt Freeman will be on exhibit at the Columbia Center for the Arts. This exhibit is sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery and Windermere Realty.

“Rosie” as she is known, came to her talent through her father and grandfather who immigrated to the United States in the mid 1920s, according to CCA Director Kerry Cobb.

Both her parents were artists in Germany using multiple mediums. As Cobb tells it, as a child, Freeman was surrounded by creative and artistic influences:

In her early 20s Freeman was poised to travel to Europe to continue her artistic studies but after graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute and working for Hallmark Cards, fate played its hand. She met the love of her life, whom she married and moved into her new home in Oregon County, Mo.

Deep in the Ozarks, in the tiny town of Thayer, she continued to see everything with an artist’s eye, and her talent flourished. As she was a bit bohemian for this part of the country, folks raised an eyebrow or two seeing her barefoot, in jeans sitting near the railroad track sketching the trains that ran through the community. Everything was a magical opportunity to paint.

Freeman’s reputation grew and so did the respect she garnered in the community and surrounding area. Although she did not seek a commercial outlet for her art, she was generous with gifts for many individuals. She was active in many community activities creating flyers, posters and logos over the years that promoted school and community events with professional and creative visual approaches. Her love of art is pure and grounded in self-expression.

In May 2018, Freeman relocated from her Oregon County home in Missouri to another Oregon, in Hood River. She said she is thrilled to live near her son, Patrick Freeman, and his wife, Camille, in Hood River. The relocation process presented an unexpected opportunity to grasp the scope and talent of her art collection which she now shares with the Hood River community.

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