Hood River Valley High School is now producing clean, renewable solar energy due to a grant through Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Program, additional funding from Energy Trust of Oregon and the actual solar panel installation by Scott Sorenson, Common Energy LLC.

Last year, Hood River Valley High School received a grant award of nearly $37,000 from Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program for the installation of a 20-kilowatt solar array. The system is now installed on the roof of the science classroom wing and is anticipated to produce enough clean, renewable energy to power the entire seven-classroom science wing with solar-generated electricity.

Additional funding for this project was awarded to Hood River Valley High School through an Energy Trust of Oregon incentive of $29,500. Local contractor Scott Sorenson of Common Energy, LLC completed the installation in August.

An educational reader board will be installed on the inside of the science wing, which will provide information to students, staff and visitors about the amount of energy produced in real-time and over the lifespan of the array. Additionally, students in the school’s Alternative Energy Resources class will be able to monitor the output of the panels and make comparisons to the energy used in different portions of the building for educational purposes.

The Hood River County School District and Hood River Valley High School would like to publically thank Pacific Power and their Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program customers, the Energy Trust of Oregon, and Scott Sorenson for their commitment to providing clean, renewable energy to our school and community, according to Kevin Noreeen, human resources director.

“Together, these partners have provided environmental awareness, cost-savings, and educational benefits to our school, district, community and students,” Noreen said.

(Energy Trust has assisted in installing similar solar systems at Hood River Middle School and at May Street Elementary.)

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