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Owners Molly Lewis and Sean Kelly in the entryway of Dog River Pet Supplies. They spent the winter refurbishing the space, formerly part of neighboring Paddock’s appliance store.

Dog River Pet Supplies brings raw and natural pet foods, holistic remedies and nutrition advice to Hood River pets and their owners.

Owners Molly Lewis and Sean Kelly opened the doors to Hood River pets on Feb. 14. Every customer is greeted with a friendly “hello” and all pets are welcome inside.

“We wanted it to be a place where dogs and people feel inclined to hang out, learn something new and not just have a transactional shopping experience,” Lewis said. “In the world of big box stores and online shopping, I think we all crave a  little personal attention.”

Dog River Pet Supplies has a wide variety of natural foods for dogs and cats, and samples are available to try before buying.

In addition to food, the store sells natural medicine, flea and tick prevention, food supplements, training treats, grooming tools, clothing, leashes, collars and toys.

Lewis’ knowledge of nutrition and natural medicine comes from 10 years in the pet health industry, both in natural pet supplies and in holistic veterinary services. “There are a few very simple changes  you can make to ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy, pain-free life, and it all begins with food,” Lewis said.

In addition to quality pet foods and supplies, the store offers nutrition advice, loyalty programs, easy returns, home delivery and savings on bulk orders of food, said a press release.

The store is located at 1118 12th St., and can be accessed via Facebook, or Instragram at @dogriverpetsupplies.

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