Local businesses are showing support of the Hood River Community ID program by offering discounts to customers showing their ID, according to a press release.
More than 25 businesses have committed to offering discounts and the program is still working to reach a goal of 50 by the end of January.
“Local discounts are one of the many benefits for people who have a Community ID,” said a press release. 
 “The most important reason to get an ID, however, is to take part in creating a stronger and more inclusive Hood River County where everyone who lives here can be safe, healthy and knows they belong.”
The program is encouraging more businesses to offer discounts and incentives.
“It’s our goal that local cardholders benefit as well as the businesses offering discounts with the Community ID. I have enjoyed using my card out in the community to support local businesses while on a budget,” said Lorena Sprager, project manager.
Another benefit for businesses is the opportunity to host a Pop Up Community ID event at a local business each month. The event is designed to easily sign people up for their ID in a “rapid sign up” model.
“It was great to see the people who came in this night specifically to get a Community ID card, and it was also really cool to witness people who just happened to be hanging out that night, who learned about the program and decided to enroll for a card right then and there. We feel like the event was a great success,” said Amanda Goeke, owner of Volcanic Bottle Shoppe on the Heights. 
On Jan. 16, Full Sail Brewing will be hosting a Community ID event from 4-7 p.m.
People are encouraged to stop by to learn more and enroll for their ID.
For a complete list of participating businesses and their discounts, visit nextdoorinc.org/community-id.
For more informaiton, contact hrcid@nextdoorinc.org or 541-436-0334.

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