City holds State Street info meeting Thursday

Concrete workers Shay Smith and Leo Marquez of Schuepbach Construction smooth newly poured concrete Monday at State and Fourth streets after removing half-inch spacers that kept the forming boards at the proper width during setting.

You can pretty well see the outline of the new State Street.

Paving, at least one of two layers, is done on the Front-Oak portion of the State Street Urban Renewal Project, and on State from Front to Second Street, and curbing is nearly complete.

Progress, but definitely a work in progress.

The City of Hood River is inviting anyone interested to attend an informational meeting at City Hall on Thursday at 8 a.m. City staff and contractor representatives will be on hand to provide information regarding the summer work schedule, the City’s plan for parking on State Street for the summer, and to address concerns. Contact project inspector Gary Lindemyer of the City of Hood River at 541-387-5204 if you have any questions.

The city’s contract with Crestline Construction stipulates that no in-street work is allowed between June 1 and Labor Day (other than temporary, site-specific delays). Crestline crews continue to excavate in places to complete utility installation and to prepare for “undergrounding” of those overhead power and communications lines this summer.

Water trucks are regularly spraying to keep the dust down, as everything west of Second remains gravel. All but a few sections of curbing have been poured by Schuepbach Construction of Hood River; sidewalks will happen in stages this summer and fall.

The new curbing shows the revised shape of traffic and parking areas, and places where the project will bring amenities such as elevated sidewalks, benches, and the public restrooms at Third Street.

Businesses on State Street are open, though vehicle access on streets between Oak and State are regularly closed for construction reasons.

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