Food Hero has two new programs coming to your schools.
Food Hero is a social marketing campaign through OSU Extension that believes healthy food is fun, fast and tasty, and can fit your budget. Food Hero is present at Mid Valley Elementary, Parkdale Elementary, Cascade Locks Elementary and Wy’east Middle School through the Tasting Tables Program and afterschool programming with ExCEL.
Last year, we piloted a Spring Break BINGO program. The Food Hero Spring Break Bingo project was created to promote comprehensive wellness for children and their families over spring break.
The BINGO cards include 24 tasks covering healthy eating (14), physical activity (seven) and less screen time (three). All tasks are designed to be achievable and replicable by most families, and desirable to be reported by schools as collective successes.
Look out for the BINGO cards at Mid Valley Elementary, Parkdale Elementary and Cascade Locks Elementary. We encourage you to participate in this activity that can include your entire family. Turn in your BINGO card at one of these three elementary schools and you can win a kitchen tool. Feel free to download and print your own BINGO card at
Our second program is called Healthy Celebrations. We are working to change the culture of celebrations in schools from eating sweets to incorporating nutrient-dense foods such as smoothies. Schools will receive a smoothie cart with a binder of Food Hero smoothie recipes, a blender, cups, and other essential kitchen items.
Between holidays and birthday celebrations, the number of high fat, sugary foods and beverages a student consumes during the school year can add up quickly.
With a smoothie cart, schools can help shift the focus of school celebrations from unhealthy food to healthy food and fun.
Healthy Active Hood River County (HAHRC) is a community healthy living coalition that promotes wellness through increased physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco use prevention, behavioral health, prevention of addictions and policy and environmental change.

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