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At Belmont and 22nd: Hood River Nazarene parishioners Tad Primus and Ken Hansen offer “Drive Thru Prayer” at the church on Wednesday. Pastor Kim Linder said, “In these days, it’s a way for us to spread some happiness and share God’s love with people.” Drivers can pull up and, through the window, volunteers will offer a prayer of their choosing. Volunteers also offer printed scripture to those who want it.

“Coping With COVID” feels like a new chapter in the story of community.

In our March 18 edition, we asked readers to tell us how they as individuals, families, businesses or organizations are responding to the unprecedented changes and pressure of a pandemic.

“Coping” will likely publish on a regular or sporadic basis for months to come, given what we are learning about the expected longevity of this rolling crisis.

We start with a poem, above, and below, local pastors provide advice about connecting with community, with family, and with self.

On March 25, we will publish a composite of mental, emotional and physical health advice and notes on one the actions by people in one neighborhood to sustain community and connection —  done with proper “social distancing.”

An invitation

Between closures and cancellations, and the need for isolation or distance, we can’t as easily come to you, so come to us with your notes on “Coping With COVID.” Send them to hrnews@hoodrivernews.com. (Subject to editing; also, attach a photo, if you wish, and add a short description.)

— Editor Kirby Neumann-Rea

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