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A car crashed into a power pole on Sherman Ave. in Hood River, causing a five-hour power outage. Pacific Power was able to remove damaged equipment and restore power

A press release from the Hood River County Sheriff's Office: 

A car crashed into a power pole on Sherman Avenue this morning, causing a five-hour power outage to Hood River County buildings. County emergency services worked to prevent service interruption to 911 customers and relocated to the backup 911 Center offsite, in case the incident continued longer-term or secondary infrastructure problems developed.

Power, internet and digital phones were offline for five hours at both downtown Hood River County buildings on State Street near Sherman Ave and 6th Street today, however 911 services went uninterrupted from 8:34 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The priority was ensuring continuity of 911 services, which were busy with high call volumes resulting from winter conditions and icy roads causing a series of car crashes today.

Hood River County Sheriff’s Office, County Administration, 911, IT, Public Works and Emergency Management activated backup plans to reinstate essential County services at the County Administration building, 601 State Street.

A large propane generator powering 911/EOC (Emergency Operations Center) at the County building was utilized and a backup mobile generator was on standby. Both generators were purchased with Homeland Security grants that help the County afford expensive capital items not allowed by local budgets.

Pacific Power worked diligently to remove the damaged pole/equipment from service and restore power as quickly as possible with challenging road and weather conditions.

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