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Ed Weathers 

Leadership stays in the family as Duckwall Fruit undergoes a key transition in its centennial year.

Ed Weathers assumed the leadership role as president of Duckwall Fruit beginning on May 1. This month, the company celebrates its 100th year with events at the plant in Odell.

Weathers is former company president Dick Duckwall’s grandson and great-grandson of the firm’s founder, John C. Duckwall.

Weathers is the fourth consecutive family executive to guide the firm in its 100-year existence. He is taking the reigns from Fred Duckwall, who has led the company since 1992.

Weathers is a graduate of Oregon State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration in 1993. He began his produce sales career with Grant J. Hunt Co., a major California broker in the Oakland area. In 1995, he returned to Duckwall and had an immediate positive impact at the sales desk, according to Fred Duckwall.

Weathers has served on several industry boards including the Northwest Horticultural Council foreign trade committee, and Pear Bureau Northwest board of directors and foreign trade committee. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Orchard View Farms, a cherry packer based in The Dalles.

Weathers is a member of the local county planning commission and county budget committee. He is on the West Side Rural Fire Department board of directors and, in 2011, was elected to Hood River City Council, until he moved out of the district three years later. In his leisure time, he enjoys football, baseball and anything OSU.

“Ed is here, first and foremost, to work for our growers, adding his effort to keep them strong and profitable,” Fred Duckwall said.

“This change in leadership strongly supports our mission statement which in part reads: “Be the best packer in the Northwest” and “‘maintain our integrity with all people’.

“We welcome Ed to his new position and the challenges we face in the industry,” Duckwall said.

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