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‘Deforestation’ print by Mira Olson of Hood River Valley High School.

By clear-cutting forests and destroying environments, we are not only harming the wildlife that give shelter, but also ourselves. According to conservation.org, over half of the world’s forests have been cut down within the last century. This rapid rate of deforestation is terrible in itself, but the forest offers much more than just habitat and scenery. Twenty percent of the earth’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforest, yet humans are responsible for the 78 million acres lost yearly (Conserve Energy Future). In fact, it is estimated that in 100 years, no rainforests will remain.

Despite shocking facts like these, I believe that people simply aren’t willing to take responsibility for the planet’s future. We need to stop thinking about the damage humans cause as external, and start recognizing that it affects each of us individually. For this reason, I chose to portray trees as lungs, because they are a major source of the oxygen we breathe daily. I chose to make the lungs the dark part to show that they are damaged, similar to how lungs of people who smoke a lot are. By portraying inanimate objects like trees as vital aspects of the human body, I was hoping to make the issue of deforestation more personal. For me, this print demonstrates the fact that, when humans cut down the rainforests, we are inhibiting the earth’s future, in addition to our own.

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Great article! It's encouraging to know that the young people in Hood River are environmentally conscientious. Mira's art work and message are solidly on point and serve as a wake up call to humans to stop destroying the trees and forests. Sadly, it is more than a little ironic that Paul Blackburn and the HR City Council (excluding Erick Haynie) are attempting to destroy the trees and forest in our Morrison Park.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not…" - Dr. Seuss

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