Tom Cramblett

Why are you running?

Because I’ve been working on projects and three terms in, I still have projects I’d like to work on that I’d like to complete. We’ve had a water project, we’re working on sewer, and I’d like to expand on a power project so we have more capacity, with more capacity we can keep rates at a good rate, and EMS, which will always be an issue, and we will work towards that.

How are you qualified for the position?

I’ve been here all my life, all my family has been involved in community to service in many ways. I’ve grown up with it, done it myself, and I’ve been on committees, coached, and served as mayor for six years that I believe were successful.

Being as specific as possible, give your stance on these topics:

EMS: It is very difficult to get volunteers, and finding out how to fund. How do we go to citizens with a funding package to pay for it?

Economic development: Economic development is a relationship between the city and the port. Continue to hold that relationship, and in my time we’ve been holding it really well. You have to have strong infrastructure, and we’ve been working on power, sewer. We were land ready but we weren’t shovel ready; we weren’t ready for large growth. We could have basic growth but not large growth.

Transportation infrastructure: Also, its relationships, and the relationship we’ve developed with the port and developed with the state has helped us. We’re going to get WaNaPa paved and up to ADA; the state will do that for us. We’re still looking at other freeway accesses and an emergency path in an out of town.

Community involvement: I don’t know everyone in town, but there are other circles who have circles, and we can find those leaders of different groups of people and get them together and connect with people who are connected with the variety of citizens in town.

What is the future of city leadership in Cascade Locks?

Cascade Locks has always gotten by. We always find the leaders who move us ahead. It is difficult because a lot more people are really busy, and to lead in Cascade Locks is to be a volunteer.

What is the current role of the mayor and what do you think it should be?

My role is: I am one vote on the council. Nothing moves on council unless you have four votes. My role is to try to get four votes together on a project. What I do best is being a facilitator. I don’t dictate, I listen, try to get a majority view; and once we get a majority view, I’m prepared to head in that direction.

Finish this statement: In 15 years, my vision for the City of Cascade Locks is …

… a strong EMS, strong power (program), a solid sewer system, solid water system and economic growth on the port’s industrial land.

Kathy Tittle

Why are you running?

Leadership change. Re-define city/port lines. Lines blurred beyond recognition. The port president is the mayor’s boss/represents the mayor in important events, and whose wife on city council. The mayor’s sister, a port commissioner, writes mayor’s speeches, according to port president. The mayor’s wife handles his city emails. The city administrator needs city direction.

How are you qualified for the position?

Owned/operated Cascade Locks Chevron/Towing for almost 15 years. I Managed all aspects. Human resources, budget, accounting and liaison between multiple governmental agencies. I wrote and negotiated contracts and always have an eye on the bottom line. I worked to get certifications for corporations to attain governmental contracts. I question everything. Six councilors/residents guidance will help.

What are the top three issues facing the city in the next two years?

In my opinion, off the top of my head, budget, emergency services funding, managing city employees to work as a proud team, scheduled fairly to cover seasonal events on weekends, i.e. trash removal. As the city administrator has had serious issues in the other towns, we need to stay on top of his performance to make sure he is doing what is best for the city, not necessarily for the port. The port is a customer of the city, not a competitor, not a realtor of the city. The port has their own budget. Problems dealt with pro-actively, i.e., copper testing.

What is an innovation you would recommend the city try?

Definitely cannabis dispensary. We are becoming a major tourist hub. It makes no sense to not have as many amenities for them as possible. Locals too would benefit from not having to travel out of their own town to purchase needed products. The city would benefit greatly from the revenue.

Being as specific as possible, give your stance on these topics:

Fire and EMS: Budgeted EMS; some paid employees. Basic needs. We don’t need a $36,000 daycare babysitter with a couple children attending. Private business potential. Budget problems.

Economic Development: Bringing businesses to town, adding services and jobs to our town without depleting our precious natural resources, who complement our environment and respect our citizens.

Transportation infrastructure: Parking is at a “premium” during peak seasons. The new bus helps. Possibly short-term parking at airport and school grass with shuttle.

City infrastructure: Pristine water in all homes — copper out. Our school back — not turned into county building. Schools help bring businesses. Casino. A bank. Let’s try it!

Port and city relations: Transparency! We need to work together, no doubt. The port is a customer of city. They have their own budget. The city need not be funding their budget. Lines blurred.

Community involvement: Emergency preparedness essential. Respect toward all citizens at meetings whether they are in attendance or not. Monthly printed community calendars will bring attendance and involvement.

What is the future of city leadership in Cascade Locks?

Various generations of responsible people “at the table” representing, respectfully, the many cultures who live and thrive in our community.

What is the current role of the mayor and what do you think it should be?

This mayor is currently too close with the port — see previous. The city administrator attends port meetings and comes back with recommendations to council and committees.

Finish this statement: In 15 years, my vision for the City of Cascade Locks is …

... quaint and sustainably thriving!

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