‘Food is about stories’

Lynn Orr thanks Connie Nice at the museum's author event.

Author Connie Nice shared recipes and the stories that go with them in a Saturday book reading at The History Museum of Hood River County.

Recipes in Nice’s most recent book (aptly titled “Yes, You Can Have the Recipe”) have been adapted for the home cook with detailed instructions and photographs.

Nice and her husband, David, own Husum Riverside Bed & Breakfast. Connie Nice is former director of the history museum.

Through her recipes (and samples), Nice shared a personal look into the food she and her family prepare for their guests at the bed-and-breakfast.

Along with the recent recipe book, Nice read from the two “Chicken Soup for the Soul” publications with her writings.

The recipes include the zweibelkuchen (onion tart) recipe inspired by culinary tours of Germany, and recalls the story of a young German couple who stayed at the bed-and-breakfast and insisted on helping peel the onions when they learned Nice would make the dish in honor of their visit.

Also included is her daughter-in-law’s family legacy recipe for raspberry lemon cheesecake, published with permission of the Crawford sisters.

“Now we’re taking the story into a whole new generation,” said Nice.

“Your emphasis on stories is what the museum works is all about,” said museum director Lynn Orr.

“Each object has a story, not only of how it's made and the materials is made and who created it, but also who has interacted with it, and how it links to the past and present.”

“Food really is about stories. One of the things I love about the bed and breakfast is that it does connect you to people,” Nice said.

“People have memories when they walk in, they smell something or see something and remember something and they want to sit down and tell you those stories."

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