On Tuesday, Gov. Kate Brown was scheduled to address the importance of equity in access to the outdoors at the 2019 Outdoor Recreation Summit in Bend.

Brown will be joined by industry professionals, elected officials, conservation leaders, researchers, land managers and those who play a key role in Oregon’s outdoor recreation industry, according to a press release from Brown’s office.

“Oregon is famous for its natural beauty, and outdoor recreation is an economic driver for the state. For many of us, it also provides the physical, mental and spiritual opportunities to keep our lives in balance,” Brown said. “We need to make sure everyone can enjoy a special connection to the outdoors, and that means expanding access to every Oregonian. It is not just the state’s role, but everyone’s role, to do that.”

The Governor will be joined by First Gentleman Dan Little, who supports the Roadmap to the Outdoors Initiative. Roadmap to the Outdoors is designed to re-connect Oregon’s youth to nature and create a more welcoming and inclusive space for all Oregonians, especially those who typically don’t seek or access it, said a press release.

Outdoor recreation provides 172,000 direct jobs across the state from the tourism industry to global outdoor industry brands and local retail.

Brown created the Office of Outdoor Recreation in 2017 to coordinate outdoor recreation policy across state and federal agencies, and work with public agencies, outdoor recreation retailers, companies and tour operators to help Oregon’s outdoor recreation sector reach its fullest potential. Last month, Brown launched a one-year task force on the outdoors to recommend policies, legislation and initiatives to support economic development in both rural and urban areas, balance improved outdoor recreation access with resource protection and increase outdoor recreation participation, especially among youth and traditionally under-served communities, said a press release.

The summit is hosted by Travel Oregon, Oregon State University, the Oregon Office of Outdoor Recreation and the Office of the Governor, to bring all sectors of Oregon’s outdoor recreation community together to build connections and inspire action to advance outdoor recreation.

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