Heights traffic switch takes effect Monday

Traffic switch takes effect Monday on the Heights

The Heights detours will start Monday.

Portions of Belmont, 12th and 13th will be closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for up to a month. Crews will excavate and prepare to place pipe underground on Belmont at 12th and 13th streets, requiring street closures and two-way traffic detours where one-way vehicle flow is the norm.

The map above shows travel directions and locations of signage and flaggers.

12th and 13th at Belmont is a bottleneck intersection where the two one-way streets come together just south of the work zone — necessitating a series of changes in traffic patterns to two-way, north of the 12th/13th split, where drivers are accustomed to two lanes going one way parallel.

The key change: 12th will be two-way for a three-block stretch between B Street and the 12th/13th split just south of Belmont.

Side streets including A/Wilson, B, and 14th, will also be affected, with increased traffic that would normally travel on Belmont and 12th and 13th.

Flaggers, along with signs and dozens of cones, will be stationed at key locations to guide motorists.

The work means extensive excavation, requiring closure of key streets for as much as a month.

Though the closures and detours could take much less time to complete, city officials are prepping travelers for the likelihood that the project could take up to a month.

Another critical point: the two-way detours will only be in effect during daylight hours.

Main thing to know:

The 13th Street section between A Street (aka Wilson) and Belmont will be closed, necessitating the changes.

Also critical:

n Eastbound traffic on Belmont must turn at 14th to avoid the 13th/Belmont intersection, which will be closed.

n Belmont between 12th and 13th will be closed.

n Belmont between 12th and 11th will also be closed.

n Wilson Street, running east from 12th, is unaffected.

The 12th Street closure is phase two of the Heights detour project.

Phase two could start within days of phase one, but no timeline has been set by the city at press time. (See Hood River News website and Facebook for updates.)

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