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The Remains’ Nic Vik and gallery manager Faith Hinkson hold some of Vik’s artwork as they set up in the relocated gallery, 13 Oak St.

The Remains moves to street-level this weekend and Columbia Center for the Arts goes “Off the Wall.”

First Friday, May 3, features new exhibits and one gallery’s new location, among other changes in the downtown art scene — including new outdoor sculptures installed in April for “Big Art,” at sites including Big Winds, Doppio and the Bike Hub at Third and State streets. CCA holds its “Off The Wall” exhibition with an opening reception on Friday from 6-8 p.m., at 215 Cascade Ave.

See new art and hear First Friday live music at the 301 Gallery, where metal artist Kelly Phipps is the newest to display work at the collective, 301 Oak St.

The Remains art gallery reopens May 3 for a First Friday event running from 6 p.m. to midnight at is new location, 13 Oak St. (No minors after 8 p.m.)

Featured artists in The Remains’ new show are Brendon Hall, Caitlynn Abdow, Erin Pollard, Jennifer Griffo, Kim Lindemyer, Nic Vik, Sarah Best and Wokeface.

Hear music by DJ Mexi and live tunes from Voodoo Voltage and Bobby Wobbles.

The Remains started in 2015 on Industrial Way and closed there in February to make the move to Oak Street, next to Gorge Green and Freshies Bagels. The Gorge Surf Shop is now contained in the east half of the space, and has a separate entrance.

‘Off The Wall’ at CCA

Columbia Center for the Arts presents the art exhibition, “Off the Wall,” for the month of May.

“Off the Wall” is devoted to three-dimensional art forms and non-traditional mediums and methods. CCA challenges local and regional artists to create sculpture, installations, or any type of artwork that can be seen from all sides.

Artists who will be showing in the “Off the Wall” exhibit include:  Laura Buchan, Amirra Malak, Donna Woods, Nell Parker, Debora Lorang, Alan Root, Matt Jensen, Chas Martin, Becky McQueen, Maureen Lauran, Jeanne Henry, Shiela Delaquil, Rod Stuart, Myrna Anderson, Dan Pillers, Nancy Houfek Brown, Martha Denham, Ana Rugani and Jinx Griswold.

The lobby will have a solo exhibit by Julie Abowitt.

The nook will have the contest winners from the Friends of the Gorge Photo Contest.

All of the 2019 Gallery Exhibits are sponsored by Cathedral Ridge Winery and Windermere Realty.

Big Art update

While many of the outdoor tour sites on the waterfront, downtown and the Heights have new works as of last month, the online information, art-of-community.com, is still being updated.

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