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RED FRONTIER operated by Emmanuel Aguilera struck a black CRV head-on with Mike Ballah driving, Saturday south of Hood River on Highway 35, closing the highway for about an hour.

One Hood River man was serious injured and another charged with multiple crimes after Saturday’s three-car head-on collision on Highway 35.

Emmanuel Aguilera, 28, was treated at the hospital and released to NORCOR after the 2:41 p.m. crash at milepost 101, the lower viewpoint pullout two miles south of Hood River.

Mike Ballah, 62, of Hood River, was taken by LifeFlight helicopter to Emanuel Lutheran Hospital in Portland, listed in serious condition.

Aguilera is charged with Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving, and Third Degree Assault, according to Oregon State Police Lieutenant Les Kipper.

Aguilera was southbound and swerved into the northbound lane, driving a Nissan Frontier, according to Kipper. Ballah was driving north in a CRV and was struck head-on. The third car involved, a Silver Jetta, swerved to miss Aguilera’s car and was also struck by the Frontier. The driver of the Jetta, Marv England, 39,  tried to move out of the way but the Jetta was struck on the passenger side, and the CRV, driving behind the Jetta, was hit head-on by Aguilera.

Ballah’s passenger, Brian York, 58, was also injured, but OSP did not have details on his condition or if he had been transported.

Aguilera allegedly admitted to driving impaired, and his Blood Alcohol Count (BAC) is on record as .20, according to Kipper, after field tests and blood samples provided by the hospital. Under state law, .08 is the legal BAC limit.

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