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Dance Club Academy members, back row, from left: Nathan Nanez, Lorelay Berry, Arianna Lopez, Paige Bankhead, Jordyn Hattenhauer and Evan Despain; front row, from left, Gillian Wolf, Jayden Szeremi, Lizzy Olivan and Hannah Kortge.

The Dance Club Academy attended the biggest regional dance competition in the northwest May 3-5 at the Oregon Convention Center. 

Academy students Gillian Wolf, a senior, and Jayden Szeremi, a sophomore, have been dancing for a long time, said an academy press release. 

“The Hood River Valley High School students competed among the best of the best. Both competed with a tap dance and a jazz dance at the Oregon Convention Center,” said the press release.

Portland is its biggest competition around the nation for Onstage New York, a talent search and competition, with more than 800 dancers competing, according to Dance Club teacher Kristi Maley.

The dancers are judged by Broadway professionals from New York in jazz, ballet, lyrical, musical theater, hip hop, contemporary, song and dance, acro and open categories. With approximately 80 studios from all over and over 800 dances, this competition runs three days.  The dancers are scored and can receive a bronze, silver, high silver, gold, high gold or platinum (the highest that can be received).

The Dance Club had its most successful competition ever, receiving the most platinums ever, said the press release. 

“I was completely shocked when my minis won one of the highest awards (only two are given out),” said Maley. “They were chosen for the entertainment award, which also gave them free tuition to the national competition in Florida this summer. It was a really rewarding year!”

Results from the onstage New York dance competition

In the mini-division, receiving a platinum in tap and platinum in contemporary, the highest scoring contemporary, second-highest scoring group, and a judges’ choice award are:

Tora Timinsky, Makenzie Barrett, Ella Anderson, Tygh Timinsky, Ava Malcolm, Jayden Hansen, Bridget Donnell and Jocelyn Olivan.

Tygh Timinsky also received a platinum in her jazz solo, and top five out of all the solos. Donnell also received a platinum for her jazz solo.

“This is the highest this group has ever placed at this competition,” said Maley. “They went from 12th overall last year to second overall.”

In the mini division, receiving a high gold in tap, judges choice awards and a platinum in jazz and 12th overall highest score are:

Morgan Donivan, Abi Pope, Anabeth From, Jessie Lamb, Isabella Beitl, Lillyannah Alvarado and Olivia Prado.  

Prado also received a platinum in her first ever jazz solo.

In the mini division, receiving a high gold in tap and a platinum in jazz, and a judges’ choice award, and top five are:

Maycee Foote, London Moody, Allison Figueroa,  Alyssa Nelson, Lucy Polehn, Madeleine Omeg, Uma Carosell and Avalyn Ramirez. 

Receiving a platinum on their duo are Maycee Foote and London Moody. Receiving a platinum on her musical theater solo was Madeleine Omeg. This group was also the overall entertainment winner.

In the junior division receiving platinum in jazz, judges choice and 14th overall high score and a high gold in tap and highest scoring open, and a judges choice award are:

Paige Compton, Katelyn Vassar, Tora Jo Timinsky, Nellie Wilkinson, Hayley Peterson, Bella Perez, Ahnikah Rubio, Madison Stembridge and McKenna Strain.  

Perez received a platinum for her jazz/acro solo.

Timinsky received a platinum, a judges’ choice award and 14th overall for her teen solo. Strain, Rubio and Stembridge received a platinum, judges choice and second highest score overall in the teen division for their jazz trio. Vassar received a platinum and top five for her tap solo.

In the junior division and their first time competing receiving a high gold in tap and jazz and a judges choice costume award were:

Brianna Adams, Avery Berish, Sophia Hernandez, Angel Coker, Keily Lutgens and Janet Torres.

In the teen division receiving a high gold in jazz are:

Katelyn Vassar, Paige Bankhead, Lorelay Berry, Hannah Kortge, Jayden Szeremi, Arianna Lopez and Elizabeth Olivan.

Berry received a high gold in her lyrical solo.

In the senior division receiving a platinum in jazz and highest scoring open were:

Aidan Telles, Nathan Nanez, Evan Despain, Jordyn Hattenhauer, Gillian Wolf, Ella Morgan, Giselle Schwartz and Sophia Pullen.

Jordyn Hattenhauer and Aidan Telles received platinum for their duo and Aidan, Evan and Nathan received a platinum for their trio.

In the teen division receiving a high gold and judges award are:

Gillian Wolf, Nathan Nanez, Evan Despain, Jordyn Hattentauer, Katelyn Vassar,  Paige Bankhead, Lorelay Berry, Hannah Kortge, Jayden Szeremi, Arianna Lopez and Elizabeth Olivan.

“I am extremely proud of my students, for not only competing well but for working hard all year. So much work and dedication even out of the 8-year-olds,” Maley said.

“Winning the entertainment award was really special and such a big honor. I am so proud of those kids, they work so hard in the studio and push themselves everyday to reach their goals.”

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