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Hood River Distillers is making hand sanitizer on a large scale for distribution to first responders and medical facilities.

Hood River Distillers, the Northwest’s largest and oldest importer, distiller, producer, bottler and marketer of distilled spirits, is now using their distillery and bottling equipment to make hand sanitizer on a large scale for distribution to first responders and medical facilities, it was announced earlier this week.

The sanitizer began production two weeks ago at their Clear Creek distillery location in Hood River, and is bottled at the Hood River Distillers manufacturing and bottling plant, also in Hood River. Hood River Distillers is an 86-year-old, family-owned and operated company and the oldest continuously operated distillery west of the Mississippi, according to a press release.

Hood River Distillers is producing some of the largest quantities of hand sanitizer by a distillery in the region. The hand sanitizer effort is led by Joe O’Sullivan, Hood River Distillers’ head distiller. To date, the company has produced 1,000 gallons of sanitizer, equating to 10,080 375ml bottles. There is currently an additional 4,000 gallons in production, which equates to 40,320 375ml bottles.

Also, the company is now producing another 7,000 gallons which will go into both 375ml and 1.75L bottles.

Hood River Distillers is working directly with the Oregon Health Authority to distribute these bottles throughout Oregon to those on the front lines of the healthcare and food service industries.

“Hood River Distillers is, first and foremost, continuing to make and distribute high quality spirits to meet demand while ensuring that all of our employees are working under safe conditions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” said O’Sullivan. “At the same time, we see a need that we can help fulfill by producing this hand sanitizer for those on the front lines in our community and around the state. We plan to continue to make additional hand sanitizer as long as there is demand and we are able to acquire the necessary supplies.”

Cocktail recipes available online

Hood River Distillers has curated a collection of easy, make-at-home recipes on their website at www.hrdspirits.com/all-cocktails. The team encourages all who are enjoying their favorite spirits and cocktails at home, to “please stay in control.”

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