An unidentified male was arrested on the Heights last week, apparently by ICE agents as part of a nationwide campaign of arrests.

Gary Young of Hood River wrote a letter to the editor about the incident; turn to page A4.

Sgt. Don Cheli of Hood River Police confirmed that ICE was known to be in Hood River after agents called 9-1-1 to inform central dispatch they would be in town. Cheli said ICE did not contact the police department directly, and he is not aware of any involvement by either police or Hood River County Sheriff’s deputies.

“They (ICE) are not required to (inform police), statutorily, that I am aware of, but it would be a courtesy, professionally. We hadn’t heard anything. There is not a lot of communication,” Cheli said.

Cheli said officers had earlier responded to a complaint of a vehicle blocking a driveway at 12th and Nix streets, and had it towed. They attempted to contact the owner, and later heard from the man’s wife, who reported her husband had been arrested.

“She was very confused about the situation,” he said.

ICE authorities could not be reached before deadline to confirm the extent of their operations in Hood River County.

Cheli said his office heard from other citizens about ICE vehicles seen at other locations in town, but he is not award of any other arrests.

Any ICE operations in Hood River County could not be verified; Sheriff Matt English could not be reached before press time.

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This article is the equivalent of “shouting fire in a crowded theater.” This piece is fact-less and irresponsible, and can lead to Hood River News inciting violence. Antifa is not far from our little town and this kind of hyperbolic language could lead to something very dangerous.


"Reportedly" and Apparently" are not first- hand sources. Regardless of how one feels about the subject matter this story is not based on actual sources but hear-say. Doesn't seem to fit with journalistic norms and may incite local controversy.


I was taught in school that news content needed to have real sources. Is the News now creating content based on hearsay found in letters to the editor? I think most people would find this a little concerning.

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