Introducing: Connor Truax

CONNOR Truax is a senior at Hood River Valley High School.

Tell us about school.

Senior year is different. It is a mix of working and waiting. Everyone is trying to figure out what direction they will be heading in after graduation. I think that most seniors are really excited, but definitely anxious at the same time.

What do you do with your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy filmmaking, participating in Boy Scouts, and exploring the outdoors. Hood River is a great place to get involved and have adventures. There are a lot of great people to meet and beautiful places to go.

Tell us about your family and pets.

I live with my two parents, Rich and Svea Truax. They both enjoy mountain biking and are environmental engineers. My sister, Elle, goes to school at the University of Western Colorado. Our Chocolate Lab, Lewis, is older now, but his joint medicine keeps him kicking, and he enjoys cuddling and going for walks.

What makes you happy?

I really enjoy many forms of storytelling, but I primarily focus on filmmaking and I hope to pursue a career in it. I also love spending time with my wonderful girlfriend Abby, who is studying nursing at Gonzaga University. When I’m not doing that, I run, hike, and spend time outside.

What’s something you would like to change about your community?

I would like to see people make a deeper effort to understand one another. I believe that having empathy for other people is essential for a functioning global community. Hood River has its own unique culture, and, in my experience, there is a lot of love and tolerance. Still, we can always improve.

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